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Expansion & Multi-Sensory Memories

Happy almost Equinox!

In the new Wave Report, I discuss some lighter phenomena occurring as we pivot from Late Summer to Fall, Earth to Metal,  amidst the major expansion underway.

If you can’t make it to the Equinox Class, in the recording I share ideas of how to honor the Equinox and experience the shifts in the cosmic creation cycle.





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Disturbing Experiences

This is a follow up to the previous Wave Report where I referenced the disturbing experiences people are reporting. This Wave Report is meant to provide reassuring context for people and tips for weathering these types of challenges.



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Ether & Expansion

Happy September!

In the latest Wave Report, Sheilagh talks about:

  • the August Acceleration and the Double Master Shift
  • Anxiety due to Energy Issues
  • Ether and the need to expand
  • the Fall Equinox Lightwork and the new In Transition Series

Feel free to email with questions and concerns. Responses will be recorded into a Wave Report.








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