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Grounding the New Earth

In this second Wave Report for August, Sheilagh shares information about critical changes to the base chakra. We are being askedĀ to let go of our old survival programming at this time, including tribalism.
Listen to the current opportunities and challenges being presented by this intensified phase of our evolutionary process.

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COVID 19 – Hope & Resources Part 2

Hello. IĀ hope everyone is getting outsideĀ and letting nature help usĀ through this challenging time.Ā Ā August is a greatĀ month forĀ re-chargingĀ and eating good, healthy, localĀ food.

Part 1 is still relevant. Look back at the post from the spring for a lengthy article on COVID-19.
Instead of writing I saved myself someĀ precious time by recording part 2.

The herbal pharmacy is stocked and ready to support people with prevention strategies, early stage infection, and recovery strategies. Ā Send me an email if you would like herbal and nutritionalĀ support to navigate this pandemic.

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