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What Is The Evolutionary Light Method?

What if the methods you have been using for self care stopped working?
What if you felt so overwhelmed you could not function?
What if you were having strange symptoms and experiences that defied medical explanation?
What if you stopped being able “to make things happen?”

What if we told you these experiences are due to the current evolutionary acceleration?

ELM – the Evolutionary Light Method™

The Evolutionary Light has intensified over the past few years, requiring continual adjustments to our bio-energetic systems. As we progressively integrate the new frequencies the old operating system must be broken down and released. With each new impulse, our systems are asked to find a new level of organization. Sheilagh Durkin developed the Evolutionary Light Method (ELM) as a way to work directly with the Light and to provide tools to create dynamic balance and coherence to our changing bio-energetic systems.

In each class, Sheilagh presents ELM and how to engage directly with the Evolutionary Light. She shares what is understood about this evolutionary process from 20 years of observing and partnering with this incredible process.

What the Evolutionary Light Method classes teach:

  • How to understand the essential rhythms and mechanics of the Cosmic Downloads and Evolutionary Light
  • How to engage and partner with EL
  • How to integrate the download and support the coherence and power in the new operating system
  • How to work with the Light to heal the Living Past in the epigenetic layers.
  • How to heal personal and multi-generational trauma
  • How to use the ELM for self care and supporting  family, friends and/or clients
  • Identify challenges, possibilities and the range of experiences presented by the process
  • How to stay empowered and aligned during the changing times

The ELM Foundations class presents the context and lays the groundwork for the Introductory Classes. Each subsequent class builds upon the skills and progression of the previous class.

In each class, participants receive an attunement and upgrade to their own bio-energetic
operating system allowing them to advance and facilitate the work for themselves and others.