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Dragon Energy and the April Acceleration

We are officially in the April Acceleration. Since the inception of this evolutionary process, April has been one of the 3 times a year we go through a major upgrade in the frequency and power of energy available to the planet.  There is always preparation for the download, and then the process of integrating the energy, releasing mis-qualified energies, activating the new structures in the bio-energetic system, and then adjusting to the changes.

The Spring Equinox ushered in a power packed download of energy.  The prevalence of the dragon energy was jaw dropping. You may have noticed the dragon … Read More

Conscious Engagement and the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is a time when all that has been seeded and the templates that have been built since the Fall Equinox, are infused with vitality and the core principles of dynamic balance in form.  Creation patterns are infused with the energy for successful manifestation.  It is a time when the planet is revitalized. These phases occur whether we pay attention to them or not.  The Lightwork classes are opportunities for us to drop in and consciously experience the inner workings of creation and evolution, thereby strengthening our role as the conscious

As move deeper into the transition Read More

The Winter Solstice Is Almost Here!

The precise moment of the winter solstice is 5:23 pm est on December 21st.  Class will start at 5pm, earlier than usual that day so that everybody can settle in and experience the unique shift that occurs at that moment.

I love it when the class time corresponds with the shift because always something new happens at the precise moment. Even if we don’t yet understand the changes, observing the phenomena is a powerful and intimate moment with the cosmic creation cycle and our collective evolution.

There is always a push to achieve a certain level of activation and integration … Read More

Positive Developments

There is not time this week to write a long update but I can share that there is a LOT of positive activity in the realm of the Evolutionary Light. It’s messy out there but the Lightworkers are finding their groove, people are connecting on a much higher frequency, and regions of the country that have been closed to the higher energy are opening up.
The more we step into our place, center in the heart, and work with the higher energy, we align our destiny with a much more hopeful timeline. I will explain more on Friday night.
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The Shadow of Genocide

As always these days, there is a lot going on in the realm of the Evolutionary Light. As the Light continues to intensify and dive deeper into the physical body and the physical Earth, there is significant challenging energy dredged up to surface   In many cases the surfacing energy starts to cause problems and requires our assistance to transform.

What has been emerging on a massive scale in the U.S. since late summer (after the August push) is the energy left behind by the genocide of the Native American people.

It is really important that people who have any skills … Read More