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On the heels of the Solstice

The Winter Solstice is coming right up. On December 21st at 11:28 am EST we will enter a new phase in the Cosmic creation cycle.

As Nature, in harmony with the Evolutionary Light, provides the templates to fuse the Cosmic impulses into form, we as light beings in form are called to hold space, witness, and receive so that we can move in alignment with the bigger plan.

Join Sheilagh and the growing community of evolving Lightworkers at the Winter Solstice EL-Work class. We will align with our personal and planetary processes as we welcome in the Solstice and receive … Read More

EL and the Master Shifts


The official moment of the Spring Equinox in the eastern time zone is 6:28 am on Monday March 20th.

At the EL-WORK class on Sunday, we will gather to align with the energy of the Equinox  and work with the new currents of Evolutionary Light.

If you have been feeling tired, frustrated, unmotivated, and/or disoriented the past few days it is probably due to the master shift that occurred last week.  We experience shifts on a daily basis, but the master shifts are extra powerful and not as frequent. The last one was a 3 part master shift that

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The New Blue and Introducing the EL-DL

I hope everyone’s 2017 is off to a good start. The first few weeks were a bit of a slog as we transitioned into the energy of the New Year. Now we are really feeling the vitality and power of this next creation cycle that started on the Winter Solstice. We have a fast-paced year of change ahead of us.

Every Winter Solstice I go into a deep state to align with the energy of the new cycle. During this time, I receive guidance about the coming year and observe new activity in the realm of the Evolutionary Light. This … Read More

INTO the 4th

However you may be feeling about the world and humanity, I assure you the Evolutionary Light is not only here but accelerating daily. My focus has shifted to observe what is happening in the bigger picture and I will do my best to translate what we are seeing at class and all upcoming classes, as things unfold.

There is a major push to get everybody and all regions of the world grounded into the 4th dimension. I’ve been talking about this for a year. Some got started early, paving the way for others, but now it is imperative for the … Read More

Dis-Equilibrium and the Electrical Brain

It’s August and once again we are experiencing the major acceleration that August has ushered in since the inception of this process 20 years ago. The last few weeks of July, the Earth was given an unprecedented Cosmic download that the Earth has integrated and is now releasing to the surface along the Earth’s energy channels. This process is affecting all of us – people, animals, plants, even the elementals.

From the energy perspective, our bodies are working hard to adjust to this new upload, especially through the base of the system. The channels of our bio-energetic systems that start … Read More