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Our Changing Bio-Energetic Vessel

November 17, 2018 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

We are living during exciting-and stressful- times of rapid change. We are in the midst of an evolutionary push that is taking us out of a 3 dimensional world of fear and limitation, into a heart based reality grounded in a higher multi-dimensional platform.

We are officially in the transitional times. It is a time full of opportunities and challenges. The process of becoming a multi-dimensional being requires our attention and participation to ensure success.  To support this process, people need contact and information about the bigger picture as well as how to get through the day to day challenges. It is critical that people understand how this process is impacting our bodies and our minds- especially as the world accelerates.

Join Sheilagh at the special 2 hour class in Wolfeboro focusing on our changing bio-energetic systems. She will share information about the personal and planetary changes underway and how to work with them to harness the healing and creative power unleashed by this process.

Once the discussion is complete and questions answered, she will turn the class over to the energy driving these amazing changes- the Evolutionary Light. Plan to be lying down for the second hour of the class when we focus solely on integration of the new energy and the necessary releases to create a new improved coherent bio-energetic vessel.




$60.00 /per class
33 North Main Street
Wolfeboro, NH United States

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