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Free Event- Full Moon Ceremony

July 16 @ 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Inspired by a a tiny but powerful flower, Sheilagh is offering a free event to initiate connection and community among people everywhere.

The process of evolution has required a breakdown of old constructs and programming, including relationships created in ‘the old way’.  This was necessary but has caused people to feel alone, isolated and vulnerable.  The good news is we have achieved the energetic infrastructure to re-connect people at a much higher level of consciousness. This new level of connection is empowering and celebratory. It weaves us together in a web of Light that strengthens us all and moves intelligence throughout the network. It is the dream of the Earth for humanity to live in connection, playing with co-creative principles to problem solve and create something new and beautiful.

At the July full moon, during the peak of the Fire season, Sheilagh will hold a flower essence ceremony to form and strengthen the new network.  We will drop beneath the veil of the 3D world to experience the dream of the Earth.

All are welcome!

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