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August 7, 2020

COVID 19 – Hope & Resources Part 2

Hello. I hope everyone is getting outside and letting nature help us through this challenging time.  August is a great month for re-charging and eating good, healthy, local food.

Part 1 is still relevant. Look back at the post from the spring for a lengthy article on COVID-19.
Instead of writing I saved myself some precious time by recording part 2.

The herbal pharmacy is stocked and ready to support people with prevention strategies, early stage infection, and recovery strategies.  Send me an email if you would like herbal and nutritional support to navigate this pandemic.

I am encouraging people to purchase a pulse oximeter. They are available again after a run on supplies in the late spring.  In the audio I explain why they are so valuable. I also recommend purchasing eye glasses/eye protection and a few face shields. I am now wearing eye protection and a mask inside the grocery store. One of the ways the virus is transmitted is through aerosols and droplets that enter the eyes.  Eye protection or a face shield can provide protection for that entry point.

Be smart, be safe, and stay healthy!