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September 8, 2020

Dis-Equilibrium and the Electrical Brain


I will be adding more on the brain this fall.


It’s August and once again we are experiencing the major acceleration that August has ushered in since the inception of this process 20 years ago. The last few weeks of July, the Earth was given an unprecedented Cosmic download that the Earth has integrated and is now releasing to the surface along the Earth’s energy channels. This process is affecting all of us – people, animals, plants, even the elementals.

From the energy perspective, our bodies are working hard to adjust to this new upload, especially through the base of the system. The channels of our bio-energetic systems that start on the feet and connect our bio-energetic systems to the Earth’s frequency and pulses are working very hard to bring this new energy up and into harmony with the body. This is causing various feet, knee, leg, hip, and low back issues as well as head problems. The sacrum is that triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine that acts like a pump coordinating the fluid and bio-energetic rhythms with the brain. The sacrum is getting overwhelmed by the new information and getting locked up. When the sacrum is off kilter, you could have sciatica, low back pain, head aches, difficulty walking, etc. If your sacrum is handling the new load, you still may have times when your legs feel quite heavy or weak or over energized and restless. You may walk or feel off balance. Lying down and relaxing is the best way to support your system. It takes the pressure off the sacrum and the other joints so the energy can move. Good sleep and periods of rest during the day are critical for facilitating the process.

At night when you are sleeping, there is a lot of intake and integration going on. Because of the new energy coming up the channels from the Earth, you could get out of bed in the morning and land on very sore or cramped feet. You could also wake up but feel really out of it for a while. Because the sacrum and cranium (head) have such a critical relationship, the load can be shifted to the head causing headaches, vision issues, ear and hearing issues, etc. In short, our major bio-energetic axis that runs up and down the midline of the body, coordinating various information, energy, and impulses is working very hard to integrate this new energy coming through the Earth. Western medical traditions call this axis the midline. Eastern traditions call this the micro-cosmic orbit. This axis has always been in constant connection with Cosmic impulses and light. The difference now is that the impulses are strong, frequent, and carrying information for our evolution process so that we can live on a changing planet. The process is very physical at this point, and often really inconvenient. But as I tell myself, it’s better to have the challenges from keeping up with the changes than have the problems from being left behind or shut down to it.

Of all the weird and inconvenient experiences possible with this process, the brain experiences so far, are the most disconcerting for people ( with the exception of the most severe experiences like heart attack and seizures) I’ve been promising an explanation of the brain/head challenges from the energy perspective. Over the years of working with this new energy, there have been periods that have required quite a bit of change to the brain and head. During these periods the brain has to integrate new patterning, which can throw the entire bio-energetic system off balance for a period of time. This past year, there has been extensive focus on the head, and the new influx happening now is manifesting in major brain issues for people.

Our brain is an electrical organ that coordinates all kind of information and impulses, and the result of that incredible and complex coordination is clear thinking, quick reflexes, memory, ability to take in information and execute tasks and much more. These things we never think about and take for granted, until there is a problem. In a normal human life, the only time there would be a problem is when we are elderly and the weakening of the body and brain show the signs of decline. Or if there is illness or injury- like a concussion. In the case with this evolution process, it is not decline but dis-equilibrium brought on by a change to the bio-energetic system that is re-patterning the system. The period of dis-equilibrium can be anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on the intensity of the re-patterning and how supported one is within that change. Because we associate the symptoms of dis-equilibrium with illness and decline, people find these experiences particularly disconcerting.

It is important to mention that pre-existing issues, like hormonal changes, menopause, pregnancy, previous concussions, toxicity, or infection will exacerbate the process, so supporting those already established issues will help smooth out the ride.

When our brain is working to integrate a new pattern brought on by a cosmic download, the coordination is compromised. This causes a slowing down of processing and a glitch in the frontal areas of the brain. The frontal lobes are in an optimal state when the other regions of the brain are working coherently. Science has proven that when there is an issue anywhere in the brain, it causes a deficit in the frontal lobes. There is a draw on the electrical activity of the frontal lobes, and then the frontal lobes cannot create the coherence for optimal functioning. In the acupuncture world, this concept is proven by stimulation of the frontal areas of the brain to restore optimal electrical activity to alleviate confusion, memory problems, anxiety, and even depression. The coherence in the brain’s electrical activity re-emerges once the cycle of integration is mostly complete.

Think of the brain as a symphony, and the frontal area as the conductor. When you are extra tired, not thinking clearly, and your brain feels like mush, think of your brain as rehearsing for a new concert. Each area of the brain is taking in the new music and tuning it’s instruments while the conductor waits. When everybody is ready, the conductor stands and guides the orchestra into a beautiful coherent performance.

These days, our electrical and fluid systems are being fed new information on a daily basis. This new information is requiring a progressive re-calibration of the electrical rhythms of the brain, heart, and fluid system. We are changing, and this process is taking quite bit of energy to accomplish the goal of integration. That is why everyone, regardless of age, is complaining or exhibiting periods of exhaustion.

Because of this, it is wise to wait until you feel sharper to tackle your to do list. It is easy to make mistakes when we are transitioning. Pushing through can result in mistakes and can pro-long the transition.

Having the context for the brain changes is really important. Without the context, we tend to think there is a problem and lay a load of secondary problems onto the process.
For example, someone might feel exhausted, depressed, and anxious and attribute that to something like a disease process, or a job issue and then go down a path to solve the problem that winds up causing more problems, or spending lots of money trying to solve the problem only to find the problem persisting. I witness this all the time. I find the lack of awareness of this evolution process that is now affecting everybody to be very concerning. The experiences associated with this process are disturbing and confusing people and they want to settle it, but without the context, the problem solving is not going to provide the desired outcome. It’s time for people to understand what is happening to us.

One of the simplest things you can do is rest. The next simplest is to walk outside with bare feet. The feet can harmonize with the Earth rhythms and the Earth will dissipate the excess electrical activity caused by the electro-smog and the strong solar activity. In New England the window to be outside with bare feet is small so get out there while you can. When you are lying down, put one hand on the back of the head and one hand over the sacrum. Simply having your hands placed at these two ends of the axis helps the system find balance.

If you are ready for more tools and resources, Co-creative Health has much to offer people with the challenges posed by this evolution process. The Lightwork Support Series was co-created to give people a way to support the process at home. With the Set, you have more self-reliance and can experience relief or help someone else immediately. This month the Sets and the entire line of Co-creative Health essences are on sale for 15% off the regular price. Use the code summer15 at check out.

Signs of brain electrical dis-equilibrium:

memory problems
depth perception issues
slow recall
inability to think
feeling flat
feeling the void or a disturbing disconnection to life
inability to execute tasks
trouble organizing yourself
racing thoughts
fixating on an emotional state
emotional re-acitivity
trouble waking up
lack of motivation
free floating anxiety

Enjoy the abundance of the late summer season!