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June 4, 2018

Dropping Into The Energy

The Summer Solstice is June 21st at 6:07am EDT.  The Evolutionary Lightwork class will take place that evening.  We will celebrate and welcome in the newest currents of Light while we align with this phase of the Cosmic creation cycle.  Bring 2 intentions- 1 for surrendering/healing and 1 for manifestation. We will harness the power of the group energy to turbo charge our co-creative process.

If you have been feeling really tired, you are right on track with what most people on the evolutionary path are experiencing. This kind of tired will come on in spells and it corresponds directly to what the higher energy is doing to move you along with your path of healing and evolving.

This new energy has a very high frequency and it is taking a deeper dive into the body. When this happens, the friction between the new and the old cause the system to slow down and the brilliant coherence of the body’s systems is lost for a period of time. We are reliant on these systems working together like a symphony to create power and vitality in our bodies and minds.   When a shift is in progress, your systems are down and your body is working very hard to integrate, release, and re-calibrate.   During these integration periods you can expect all kinds of symptoms, but the most common are extreme fatigue, brain fog,and body weakness. It is best not to push through this because mistakes are made and accidents happen during periods of dis-equilibrium. 

The energy is higher and stronger now than it was even a few months ago. I’ve been saying this for years, but it is essential now that people work with this process. When we work with it, things go much, much better. The easiest way to do that is to allow time to rest during the day.  Build the concept of a siesta into your mind and your schedule. Give 20 -40 minutes a day to disengage from all activity and stimulation and drop in.  

 Find a place to sit or lie down with your eyes shut.  No electronics, even for music unless that is the only way you can relax. Use your phone to set the alarm so that you can drop in to the energy as deeply as you need knowing that you will be awakened at the right time. Start by paying attention to your breath to draw you inside your body. After a few minutes of mindful breathing the energy will have taken over and you will be dropped in and maybe even asleep. When you awaken, the energy that has been downloading will have integrated and you will feel refreshed and able to move through the rest of the day with more energy and clarity.  

I will be talking more about dropping in and the power of the Inside World at the Solstice class and in upcoming classes.

Stay tuned for an upcoming email announcing a free online class called 10 Ways to Support Yourself During the Evolutionary Process. 

Space for In Person Attendance is limited so reserve your space if you wish to be at the Studio.

Remote Attendance is available for the Solstice Class. The call  info and code will be emailed once registration is complete.

Have a wonderful June and Happy Summer Solstice!