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September 16, 2016

Fall Equinox Update

Thursday September 22nd is the Fall Equinox and Nature’s New Year

It’s hard to believe, but we are on the heels of the Fall Equinox. This is one of my favorite times of year because of its beauty and potency. At this time in the Cosmic Creation Cycle, the Cosmic Impulses for the next year are released to be recognized and acted upon by Nature Intelligence. It is a time of both celebration and anticipation as the themes of the upcoming cycle lie in the unknown and we face the dive into the darkness and the elusive incubation period between now and the Winter Solstice. Once we pass the Equinox, it is easy for fear to surface and color our experience of life. It is a season where we must align with the energy of the autumn and let go, not knowing what is coming next. At this time the trees become our teachers, gracefully and beautifully letting go of the past year and moving their essence deep into the roots awaiting the signal to bloom again. Our culture now ignores these rhythms but they still play out in our psyche.

Every fall there is a collective experience that triggers some fear, some theme that is based in fear, and we get to process it. At this time we are in a period of collective purge and breakdown, and so fear is widespread— as it should be. We need these triggers to bring up the “stuff” in our history so that we can evolve. Once we hold the space for fear, the fear is allowed to move, and space is made for Light. We have learned to tighten around our fear, and shove it down into our bodies, but at his time we need that fear to come up out of the body and released so it can transform. Reversing our instincts can be tough so at the Lightwork class we will focus on getting the fear up and out with the support of the class energy.

I have been fine-tuning a fear releasing essence combination so that people have assistance when the fear arises. We will use this combination in class and it will be available for purchase at the Equinox Lightwork.