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April 18, 2016

From 3D to 4D

The incoming energy is high, light, and incredibly powerful. The higher it is, the deeper it seems to go. Since January, we have been working very hard to integrate the 4th Dimension and establish it as our new base. The past few weeks, the push has been intense and anyone capable of holding the shift is being asked to stretch their capacity to allow for this phase of the evolution process.cSince this shift involves the physical level now, many are experiencing a wide range of physical symptoms of the changes. The most common experiences center around the nervous system- sleep disturbances, feeling tired, difficulty focusing, memory problems, and nausea. If this is happening to you, it may be strange and uncomfortable, but the good news is that you are accelerating.

At the LIGHTWORK class, I will go over what I know about this phase of the process so far – the challenges as well as the opportunities presented by this massive shift.

There 3 new combination essences for supporting the changes launching at the LIGHTWORK-
4D Integration – assists with the transition from 3D to 4D Reality
Soul Lift – support for the tired and weary Soul – when change seems too difficult and the work of healing the heaviness of the past is weakening the will and sapping our strength.
Focus – helps us focus, execute, and stay on task
Please reserve your space in the class by sending a message.

People may attend via conference call. Let me know when you register and I will send you the call number and code.

I hope to see you there! Stay strong!