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January 19, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Hopefully there has been time for rest because the evolutionary energies have been requiring lots of downtime for successful integration. Many of the shifts require that we be relaxed and soft so that the energy can move through all the appropriate channels and complete both jobs of releasing and downloading. Many of these episodes happen in the middle of the night, but we are often having a shift or two during the day. Make a 20 minute siesta part of your New Year’s resolution for self care. It will make your days and evenings much easier and more productive.

I could not post an energy update without mentioning the sun’s activity of last few weeks. On January 1st, a large coronal hole in the sun was observed by NASA. These holes allow solar wind and highly charged particles to escape the pull of the sun and extend out into the solar system. The Earth has been experiencing a high degree of solar wind for the past 2 weeks from this hole. When the solar particles hit the magneto-sphere of the Earth, those ions and particles around the atmospheric belts of the Earth become highly charged affecting the entire planet.
Link to NASA site –

Before I new about the new hole and the solar activity, I noticed significant activity in the part of the new bio-energy system that acts like a portal. Starting Feb 5th, red and orange light resembling flames appeared to be interacting with the advanced bio-energetic system and providing some very intense stimulation. This fire element activity appears to be working on 2 levels: one, providing needed energy to purge and churn up the entrenched fear based patterning, and 2, activation of the advanced system.

From what I have observed personally and in my treatment room, people have been experiencing all kinds of physical, mental, and emotional stuff related to this acceleration. People usually experience a few of these but gratefully not all of them at once.

Here is the list:

emotional lability
ruminating thoughts
Body aches, body aches & more body aches
Fevers and sweats
Feeling really out of it
Rashes and itchy skin
Balance issues
Visual problems
Trouble focusing
Neck tension and pain
ear pain and/or ringing, pitch changes
Chest pressure
Twitching of muscles
Sleep disturbances and weird dreams
I’m sure I’m leaving out a few…

So 2015 started out with a bang and our evolution is at full tilt now. We have very high energy to help us now BUT we have to work with it and stop resisting it. As the world wakes up to what is happening, energy intelligence and energy management will become the factors that determine how we do personally and collectively.

The Essence Combinations that are helping the most with this phase are Stress Relief, Fire Elementals, Karma Clear, & Protection. I will make sure to have those at class on Friday so that people can take advantage of the class discount.

This month’s LIGHTWORK will be focused on working out the kinks with this new acceleration and getting the new system organized and functional.

To RSVP: Please let me know by phone (603) 436-7595, Facebook, or email if you plan to attend.

I hope to see you there!