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May 23, 2020

Hope & Resources for COVID-19


Hello! I am sending virtual hugs to all during these turbulent times.

It has been a busy few months. In March I converted my healing practice to remote energy work and telemedicine. This new format has been going well and giving me an opportunity to go deeper into the energy realm with clients. The Evolutionary Light Method is a healing system I developed for working directly with the Light responsible for our evolution and deep healing. It lends itself very well to distance healing work. While that is happening, the Evolutionary Light Institute continues to expand with more distance courses. Flowers have been blooming and I am making new essences to add to the Light Waters collection.


In order to understand how to respond to this virus, I have been researching and taking classes on the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19.  I have been observing the virus, its impact and the energy fueling its rise and spread.  I have also been looking for all relevant information on this virus so we can meet the crisis with the best internal and external resources. This research project has has been on 2 fronts – the physical level and the bio-energetic/spiritual plane. Fortunately I practice a medicine that integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. There is no need to choose one over other. My role as a practitioner is to expand the lens to include all, evaluate, and go to the levels that require assistance. We are in a time that calls for reinforcing at all levels. This article is mostly about the physical level. I touch on the bio-energetic/spiritual level towards the end but that information is ongoing and available in the Wave Reports and in classes.

This is a long newsletter covering facts about the virus and ways we can stay healthy during this pandemic.  In addition to prevention strategies, I include information on what to do if you get sick. Save this email for reference if needed at a later date.


We are going to be living with this virus for a while. It looks like a combination of factors are moving us in the direction of a herd immunity. This means it is up to each of us to make the choices that are the best for us and our families. In order to make those choices we need information.


The first part of this article is what I have found to be relevant information needed to make informed choices.  I have no intention to cause fear, but fear is a natural reaction to this virus and its behavior.  Do not fear the fear that arises. If you allow the fear to surface it will pass. If it does not pass, there are ways to release the emotion including deep yogic breathing, or ujjayi breathing. Links to videos and articles on this method of breathing and releasing emotion are posted at the end of this article.


This ultimately is a message of hope and encouragement so do not get overwhelmed by the first section.




Every week we have new information about the virus and how it impacts people. I have been keeping close eye on people I know infected and observing their progress and healing process. I have learned a lot, but acknowledge there is so much left to learn. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) community internationally has been outstanding on this front in sharing new relevant information with practitioners so that we know ways to support our communities during this time with both herbal medicine and acupuncture. As we know, China was hit hard by the virus. China in an effort to modernize prioritizes Western Medicine, yet will pivot to traditional Chinese medicine when modern medicine is not working. It is not unusual for people to receive IV’s with herbal formulas in Chinese hospitals.  When the drugs failed to produce desired outcomes, many COVID 19 patients were given herbal formulas for epidemic disease with very good results. Chinese doctors and American practitioners proficient in Chinese have been sharing and translating strategies with practitioners in the Western world.   I have never felt so grateful to be a part of this international community of healers dedicated to public service.  In the months ahead as we move through the phases of the pandemic, TCM is poised to prove itself very valuable in the treatment of viral complications, especially with prevention, early stage conditions, and recovery. It also has much to offer in the realm of healing from post traumatic stress and secondary emotional impact of loss.


As the restrictions on businesses are lifted, people have more choice about their level of risk and exposure.  Efforts to open up the economy increase the opportunities for transmission and infection.  Risk assessment should be grounded in facts about this virus. These are the most important facts to consider:



  • There is so much we do not know about this virus and the disease it causes. New information emerges weekly.
  • Most people will experience a light version of the virus and recover. Some will require hospitalization to recover, and small percentage will die. The light version can be pretty intense and the fatigue can drag on for weeks to months. Some are experiencing a host of strange post infection symptoms.
  • There is no vaccine and no treatment, only experimental treatments with mixed results. However, we do have Chinese herbs for prevention and early stages to prevent the infection taking a turn for the worse. I will talk more about this a few paragraphs down.
  • The virus is more dangerous for the elderly but it is also infecting and causing sickness in people of all ages including children. We do not yet understand why some people are getting very ill.
  • The number of people hospitalized for the virus under 60 outnumbers the people over 60.
  • Co-morbidities increase the chances for severe illness, long term recovery or death
  • Healthy, younger people with no previous health conditions are dying from this virus
  • The virus is emitted through the breath in aerosolized droplets. These aerosolized droplets remain in the air for up to 3 hours. This is one of the reasons it is considered 10x more contagious than the flu.
  • 6 ft of distance between people can prevent inhalation of aerosolized droplets of the virus
  • People who are not showing signs of sickness can carry and spread the virus
  • The amount of viral load in the exposure to the virus often determines the severity of the disease. This explains why some doctors and nurses are getting severely ill or dying from infection.
  • The virus is capable of attacking any organ in the body, not just the lungs.
  • People recovering from the virus shed the virus and can infect others for an unknown amount of time after recovery. The rule is quarantine for 14 days after the last symptom resolves.
  • So far it appears that warmer weather has no effect at minimizing this virus.
  • Projections are 3,000 fatalities a day by June 1st.
  • Mask wearing when in public protects both the wearer and the community by decreasing chances of transmission. This is a well written article on why we wear masks. 
  • The virus lives on surfaces for various degrees of time. See the chart below.
  • Hand washing, mask wearing, and physical distancing are the best measures for preventing infection and community spread. Adding to that are supplements to strengthen the immune system and Chinese herbal medicine to help prevent, treat, and recover from infection.



This is not the flu, nor is it similar to the flu. I do not share these facts to cause fear. I share them because people need information in order to make wise choices.  In addition to fear magnetizing our thoughts and creating problems, unprocessed fear makes us sick. Denied fear makes us neurotic. 


So what do we do with the fear?  We learn to work with it. We allow it and let it move up and out of our systems.  Fear and vulnerability are our best allies in our current evolutionary process.  If you are interested learning more about this, listen to the class I offered in March called Conscious Evolution Under Pressure.  This class offer 10 Ways to Support Yourself During the Transition times. The 10th step is a daily self care practice for balancing the system and releasing emotion. The entire class will be posted on the website soon once I learn how to post content to the new page.I will send out an email to let people know it is up and ready for listening.


OK NOW BREATHE… the good part is in the next section.

BREATHE AGAIN – this time deeper with a nice long exhale.  Here we go..




Most of Chinese medical theory, especially the herbal theories were developed to treat epidemics. In written Chinese history there have been 320 large scale epidemics in the past 2000 years.  These challenging times produced the most thorough body of theories and treatment strategies for epidemic illness.  They explain how external factors, called Wind invasions, impact the body and progress though the body systems to cause mild to severe illness and sometimes death.  Before Germ Theory emerged in the West, Chinese practitioners were using a holistic scientific system to observe, understand, and create potent treatment strategies for epidemic illness. Modern science has proven that many of the herbs chosen are natural effective antiviral and antibacterial medicines.


While Western medical theory remains challenged by the novel coronavirus, Traditional Chinese Medicine has established time tested theories that offer a map to both understand, prevent, and treat epidemic disease now including COVID 19.


TCM recognizes 4 main stages of COVID 19

  1. Prevention
  2. Early Stage
  3. Late Stage
  4. Recovery



As shelter-in-place orders are relaxed and restrictions lifted, people are more vulnerable to transmission and infection. Now is the time for enhanced prevention strategies.  In addition to hand washing, mask wearing in public, and physical distancing there are ways we can strengthen our immune systems and overall vitality.

A new tool for remembering ways to prevent viral outbreak is circulating internationally – Remember to Avoid the 3 C’s
1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation
2. Crowded places
3. Close-contact settings such as close range conversations

Avoid the 3 C’s and wear a mask when avoidance is not possible.
TCM has provided key information, recently translated from China, about herbs that are known to interfere with the virus.  85% of people being treated in China are receiving herbal medicine and are experiencing positive outcomes. Staff at the Wuhan hospital in China have been given herbal formulas to prevent and manage early stage infection. I recently took a class with a Chinese doctor who shared clinical findings (I have been waiting for this) and results using certain Chinese herbal formulas. I now have those herbal formulas  being used for prevention as well as managing the early stage/fever stage. Once infected, it is key to support the body to prevent the fever stage from progressing to the more dangerous stages that cause organ damage and severe illness. This second piece of information coming from the doctors treating COVID 19 is very valuable.


The TCM pharmacopeia is an extraordinary collection of over 500 herbs that have been used and studied for centuries. These herbs are combined into powerful formulas to address well understood patterns of imbalance and disease.  There are herbs that act as potent antibacterials and antivirals, as well as herbs that tonify the body systems to create enhanced immunity.   For example, one of the major herbs used in the formulas for prevention and early stage COVID-19 is Huang Qi or Astragalus. It both strengthens the body while modulating the overreaction in the immune system that leads to the inflammatory storm causing severe illness and death.


These herbal formulas can be taken as capsules or consumed by drinking the brewed raw herbs. In the raw form, the herbs are the strongest. In this case a formula is prescribed and prepared for the client to brew at home and consume for several days to weeks.


Sourcing encapsuled anti-viral formulas consistently has been challenging due to high demand but I have acquired many of the raw herbs.  I am building a raw herb pharmacy to provide herbs for people willing to cook them at home.  This is how I practiced when I first set up my clinic, but switched to capsules because people preferred the convenience of prepared herbs. At this time I am focusing on raw herbs because they are easier to source and raw brewed herbs are stronger than prepared encapsulated formulas. 


By the first week of June I should have everything needed for the 2 formulas. These will be made into bags of herbs that can be prepared at home. Instructions for cooking the herbs will be provided.It is not difficult to cook the herbs but it will be a new experience for most 😊.


The 2 Formulas are:

  • Prevention Formula – prepare at home and take daily
  • Fever Stage Formula– prepare and take this once the fever begins. It is critical to prevent the fever stage from progressing. The fever stage formula is to be consumed daily until the there is no fever for 3 days.


For those who prefer capsules, I have a few good prevention formulas. They are in high demand so my ability to stock them may be limited. 


Additional Supplementation:
In addition to herbs, there are a few supplements that can strengthen body and the immune system to offer protection from this and other viruses.

  • Zinc – 30 -50 mg a day
  • Iodine – dosage varies
  • Vitamin D – 2,000 – 5,000 mg per day, even in the summer
  • Vitamin C – 6,000  mg  per day
  • Monolaurin – 300 mg per day, more if exposed
  • Probiotics – the immune system is very tied to gastro- intestinal health. I carry a few excellent probiotic formulas including a new favorite for the immune system.
  • Thyroid function – make sure your thyroid is working optimally. The zinc and iodine will help give the thyroid the nutrition it requires to function well.
  • Elderberry
  • Andrographis – this is both a Chinese and Western herb for viral infections


If you would like help with a health and prevention protocol send an email to to schedule a 30 minute appointment to determine the best herbal and supplement strategy. Products can be picked up safely at Co-creative Health.


Lonicera, commonly known as Honeysuckle is a potent antiviral herb proven to be active against SARS-COV-2


Call your doctor.

Review the symptoms associated with the virus.

Early stage symptoms to observe and note:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Extreme Headache
  • Loss of Sense of Smell
  • Body Aches
  • ‘COVID toes’ purplish fingers and toes
  • GI Symptoms – diarrhea, nausea, vomiting


If you live alone, call a family member or friend and let them know you are sick. Make a plan for a ‘buddy’ to check in with you by phone daily.


If you are my client, call or message me. I can work on you remotely and keep an eye on you throughout the illness. Herbal medicine for early stage COVID 19, distance energy work ,and Perelandra’s Microbial Balancing Work are available to help you recover.


Supporting Yourself At Home:

  • Take your temperature and note it along with other symptoms in a daily journal
  • Hydrate
  • Rest
  • Monitor your temperature several times per day
  • Monitor your oxygen levels with an oximeter Article on oximeters
  • Breathing practice
  • Herbal medicine* FEVER FORMULA. I can leave it out for curbside pick up
  • Tylenol for body pains. Lysine may help. I am waiting for confirmation on this.


The goal of early stage/fever stage of COVID 19 is to prevent the infection going deeper into the body and causing organ damage.  If you progress beyond the early stage, you will most likely require hospitalization. This does not necessarily mean a ventilator. You may just need oxygen and monitoring. Temperature and readings from the oximeter will help your doctor determine if you require hospitalization.  These are simple low tech devices cost @$50 max. This article explains pulse oximeters well. 


Most people will ride out the illness at home which is why knowing the breathing practices is so valuable. There are 2 – one is ujjayi breathing or yogic breathing, the other is a video of a doctor instructing how to do a special breath sequence to protect the lungs and optimize oxygenation.







The recovery stage is essential. You may be fatigued and experiencing lingering symptoms for several weeks. Continue to note your symptoms and progress in your journal and stay in touch with your physician.

Acupuncture and herbs as well as energy work will be very valuable to those on the path of recovery.   This pandemic is giving TCM a chance to shine and earn a new level of respect in Western society.  In Chinese medical theory, great consideration is given to the recovery stage to ensure the restoration of health and the body’s defenses. The clinical goals of the recovery stage are to resolve the lingering pathogenic factor, strengthen the organ systems weakened by the illness, clean the blood and lymph, and build the Qi.
I have identified a few key herbal formulas for recovery. Individual assessment based on lingering symptoms will be necessary to determine the best recovery strategies.


Co-creative health will remain closed for in person treatments. I am evaluating monthly what makes the most sense. It could be the fall before I treat clients in the office.  In the meantime, I will continue to offer distance treatments, readings, and assessments as well as herbs and supplements from the pharmacy.


While we adapt to the new normal I must stress the importance of self care. It is a time for what the Chinese call Yang Shen which translates to ‘nurture life’. Yang Shen is the practice of self care and prevention. It is about simple practices, good habits, and structure to enhance vitality and balance the body-mind-spirit.


Yang Shen is:

  • Rest – nightly sleep and naps
  • Hydration
  • Meditation
  • Movement- walking and restorative core building movement as opposed to vigorous strength training
  • Time in Nature
  • Breathing Exercises- deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing
  • Good Nutrition- regular healthy meals
  • Joy and creativity – gardening, art, writing, music, cooking, baking, board games, puzzles, playtime, etc




As we navigate these strange times, I invite people to open to another level of support, the support of the Evolutionary Light. We are in a time of rapid change and break down- and also a time of break through and building. These changes are not happening in a vacuum.


While we are being asked to let go of so much, there is an intelligence moving into our hearts and minds that informs and instructs how to be and how to love in a new way. This is a Love unlike what we have experienced before. Why is that? Because our old/existing bio-energetic system has a very limited fear-based operating system allowing only a set bandwidth of frequencies.  We are currently undergoing a massive upgrade to configure our new bio-energetic system to experience a greater bandwidth of frequencies and the massive intelligence we call Love. This upgrade is an ongoing process which began for some 20 years ago but is now open to all who choose it.  This is not only our destiny but the destiny of the planet. But as I have been saying for a while, successful evolution is not going to be a happy accident. We must choose it, receive it, and implement it.

The current crisis is creating the kind of tension that can catalyze rapid evolutionary growth personally and collectively.  It is an exciting time full of promise- if we choose it.  I say this aware of the 90,000+ people who have passed and the energy of death in the air.  This is not easy. The best way I know to honor the dead is to commit to evolution and push forward with the process.  We can do this by working with the Light and Love to co-create something better. As corny as it sounds Love and Light are the way forward. They are the 2 Source universal intelligences responsible for all of creation. Only these two -yin and yang- infiltrating the planet in a new more potent way can heal our bodies and minds as well as the deep weaponized fractures and problems in our society. If you are reading this and feeling skeptical, I understand. I have preferred to work with skeptics over the years because I get to watch the energy work prove itself over and over again. I hope people can find a way out of cynicism. Skepticism is healthy. Cynicism is toxic. We cannot afford to be cynical about what is possible.


I have been observing and working with the evolutionary impulses for 2 decades. The process is moving fast now and the Light is accelerating daily. We are capable of healing and releasing the old very quickly now. What took months or years can be done now in a few hours or days. Despite this we are each still a work in progress.  These are the Transition Times, where we we are shedding the old and building the new simultaneously.  We have one foot in the old and one in the new.  The potential is exciting and immense. The vulnerabilities are real.


Ultimately our best protection and salvation lies in our new advanced energy system – grounded in the heart, radiating Light, and moving Love out into this reality. But we are not fully there yet.


I am encouraging people to be smart and be cautious.  Protect yourself and loved ones not because you fear the virus but because you love and value your life and those around you.  Process the fear and reframe your choices around Love and respect. To protect our health care workers and those on the front lines we can do our part to limit community spread. Out of respect and value for the less fortunate in our communities being hit hardest by this pandemic we can take the extra precautions. This is love in action.


It is a good time to reflect on your purpose at this transitional time and be curious about the future, especially a hopeful one where where Love permeates. Most likely you have things left to do here before you pass and those things yet to be done will anchor your Soul through challenging times.

The physics of evolutionary change are messy. But we are here for a reason. I believe we are here for this.


The classes offered through the Evolutionary Light Institute are for those who wish to be a part of this change. The classes are a combination of relevant information/context and energy work to support the changes to the new bio-energetic system. They help heal the past while paving the way for the future. By working directly with the Light, we heal and transform while creating the dynamic strength and resiliency to carry us though these times. All are welcome.


I am very excited about the next class in the In Transition Series  beginning in June. This focus of this class is Immunity, Resiliency, & Love It is a 3 part class taking place in June, July, and August. I will be sending out info this week for those interested.


In the meantime and in-between time-

Be smart, be curious and breathe💜

For those interested in the herbs for Prevention or Fever Stage they will be available the first week of June. Look for an upcoming email announcing we are ready for orders. Pricing will be posted in that email.