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October 18, 2020

Intensity, Power & Hope

As I listened to this Wave Report I realized I said the word ‘intense’ at least 8 times. Finding the words that effectively translate the energy realm can be tricky.  I am going to dive into my thesaurus and see what other words help articulate the amazing phenomena underway.

In this Wave Report I talk about the intensity but also the excitement of witnessing humanity in action transforming the horrors of the 3rd Dimension. Most people have no idea they are doing it. Others know and it is their full time purpose for this time in which we are living. I have been inspired by so many people lately putting themselves out there to move us forward  on this path of positive collective evolution.   We are doing the work. How things will play out on a day to day basis require our ongoing engagement and commitment to our personal and collective process. So I encourage people on this path to spend time with their intentions/alignments while imagining the world we want to create out of this mess. We have so much assistance. The power of the intensifying Light and the rising Feminine is increasing daily.

We have a few challenging months ahead with both the internal and outside realities. There is pressure and rapid change happening in both realms. Breathe. Our breath will help us hold the space and anchor our energy systems in both realities. If you are open to more specific support the Evolutionary Lightwork classes are there to help.

In is an honor to provide context and resources to all on the path of evolution during these wild and potent times.