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July 14, 2015

July’s Push

I know I promised an update about the brain, but it is more important to give people a head’s up about the intensity of the next 2 weeks on the energy front. The next few weeks we are going to experience some intense shifting to help the Earth ‘lighten her load’. Over the centuries and even millennia, the Earth has collected and stored the energy released by humans in the form of emotions, mental patterning, and war energy. Anytime we do a land healing project, there are 3 main components- releasing this old heavy energy, facilitating the new light patterning and grids for that area, and co-creating the bridges so that the land can breathe and exchange energy between the Earth and the upper dimensions.

Since the fall, the Earth has been pushing this old, heavy energy up, and in the process stirring up a lot of really nasty energy. This has been collecting around the surface of the Earth and needs a push to get it thoroughly cleared out. The next few weeks, we are going to be experiencing that push. What this is going to feel and looks like remains to be seen. Remind yourself that it is all of for the good to get this energy moving because it is holding everybody back and making this process very challenging, especially for the sensitives. Many have been sick this summer with weird symptoms because of this phenomena. The old energy is just too darn thick.

I encourage you to be fluid and flexible with your plans these weeks. Listen to your guidance so that you know what to do. You may need to change your plans in order to stay home to ride out a shift. You may need to sleep more or take a mid-day nap. It’s a good time to be in Nature but watch the weather as the shifting may correspond with storms and strange patterns.

For those of you that know how to work with land, check your home and land and see what they need. Do it today or tomorrow. Use the method I showed you for Grounding and Releasing. It’s simple, and it will keep your home moving along with the process.

Friday night is the next LIGHTWORK. If you plan to be there, send me and email so I can reserve your space.

I will share the brain info in the next post, so that you understand why you feel so tired, unproductive, and mentally challenged.

Take care,