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New times call for new solutions.

The Evolutionary Light Institute was created to give people tools and teachings for direct engagement with the Light spurring our current evolutionary process. Our focus is on supporting the massive transformation underway on our planet and working for the success of our evolutionary destiny.

Classes are focused on 6 main principles:

  • Opening the bio-energetic vessel for direct ongoing engagement with the Evolutionary Light.
  • The Activation and Development of the new bio-energetic system capable of holding the higher frequencies and carrying us through times of accelerated change and turbulence.
  • Healing and releasing the living past held in the cells, the mind, and the epigenetic layers.
  • Supporting the necessary shifts in consciousness required to support the new dimensional reality.
  • Fostering Co-creative relationships with Nature Intelligence and cosmic forces that both sustain and support creation as well as our successful evolution.
  • Harnessing emerging potential in the new human to give rise to the Conscious Co-creator. 

A new healing lineage has emerged to carry us through unprecedented times of change.  This lineage provides an approach that anyone can use for self care or the support of others. The Evolutionary Light Method (ELM) is the foundation of the approach for healing people, pets, dwellings, land, environments and waterways.

Sheilagh has been charged with carrying and developing this new approach so that it can be shared with people ready to step into an empowered relationship with the evolutionary process.  For those who feel the call to heal and serve while expanding into a multi-dimensional relationship to life, there is a class to help you take that next step.