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Power Through Partnership

Partnering with the Evolutionary Light to become the Conscious Co-creator

We are straddling a massive shift in the way life is organized and experienced on this great planet. The changes that are underway are deconstructing the ego based creations and structures, and
re-organizing the collective around simplicity, sustainability, and truth. The baby that is meant to emerge during this great birth is the Conscious Co-creator, the evolving human being that has shed most of the fear- based programming and is ready to work in dynamic partnership with the Evolutionary Light and the forces of creation.

The focus of the EL-PTP classes:

  • Understanding and Application of Creation Dynamics
  • Expansion of Consciousness to Support a Multi-dimensional existence
  • The Power of the Human Heart
  • Developing Intuition and Intention
  • Understanding and awareness of Nature Intelligence and it’s role in supporting creation
  • The Universal Laws that govern conscious co-creation during the changing times
  • Problem Solving the Conscious Co-creator’s way

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