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The In Transition Series

The Summer Series begins is June. Classes will be on Wednesday.

The Evolutionary Light Institute introduces the In Transition Series.  This ongoing body of work positions people with the information, skills, and necessary energy work to accelerate conscious evolution during times of increasing world/life intensity.

What are we transitioning out of? What are we transitioning to?  The answer to this question is up to us.  The planet is on a path and humanity has a destiny to fulfill. Our relationship tp the present and our choices and alignments will determine the future and how timelines unfold. People need more information and more tools. Most of the esoteric knowledge we have accumulated the past 30 years is no longer valid and will not provide the the appropriate support during this time. 

We need new instructions.

The In Transition Series is dedicated to all evolutionary lightworkers, change agents, and people new to the path of conscious evolution.  

Uploaded with useful information, skills, and a potent new energy vessel, participants will be able to stay healthy and in step with the rapidly accelerating evolutionary process.  The growth will allow participants to be energetic lighthouses and vanguards for others this highly potent yet very unstable time.  

Learn how to create dynamic stability out of chaos, potency out of powerlessness, and purpose out of overwhelm.

These classes are the best Sheilagh has to offer based on an intense ongoing relationship with the Evolutionary Light for 2 decades.  Sheilagh will share what she has learned plus the newest information revealed by the ongoing daily work with the Light and our evolutionary process.

No matter what is going on in the world, no matter how awful things seem, there is extraordinary high density light working to change us and our consciousness rapidly.  The intensity of this process continues to build by the day. 

This Light, called the Evolutionary Light is our most important ally and partner for positive personal and planetary change.

This series will show you how to work with the Light directly and understand the rhythms of the changes. You will learn how to become more fluid with the new dynamics – especially with regard to creating and manifesting.  The rules are changing and people need to know how to adjust.

Each course within the In Transition Series will focus on a major theme or related themes.  Specific essence combinations will be utilized for support in between sessions.The format is designed to support deep meaningful change in a short amount of time.

If you like the Lightwork classes and want to go deeper, you will love this series.


Immunity, Resiliency & Love in the Transition Times

The next class in the In Transition Series: Immunity, Resiliency & Love begins in June.  Join Sheilagh as she shares essential information about our evolving bio-energetic system with a special focus on enhanced immunity and resiliency during the transition times. This class is open to all on the path of healing and evolution.


As the world struggles with a new pandemic, those on the evolutionary path are ready for an upgrade to the systems that will provide enhanced protection and Zheng Qi or ‘righteous qi’.  Summer, the season of peak yang energy is the perfect time to develop the dynamic strength, fluidity, and resiliency to carry us through the challenges of 2020.

✨ 💪🏼 🌊 🌎 💚

Class teaching will focus on:

  • Observations, insights and information gathered relating to the current pandemic, COVID 19, and the novel coronavirus
  • Activation and support of the new bio-energetic immune system
  • Wei Qi, Zheng Qi, and Feng and other key concepts in Chinese medical philosophy
  • The Importance of the the Essence and Sense of Self for success and protection on the evolutionary path
  • Getting ready for Love 💚
  • The role of fear in evolutionary transformation
  • Working with the new earth energetics
  • Sovereignty and inter-connectedness and how they translate into this evolutionary process during this great transition
  • Explanation behind what is happening in the energy realm and the new bio-energetic system

The format for each class is a teaching module and 2 Energy Work sessions.

These classes are heavily weighted towards the energy work because healing the past and  integration of the new system are what is most important now.

Light Waters essences are brought into the class time to support participants and enhance the healing experience.

Recordings of the class are posted for review in between classes to allow time for integration of the teaching material.



3 Wednesdays this summer – June 10th, July 8th, August 5th

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm est, class may run over by 5 or 10 minutes

$375  for all 3 classes and a set of Light Waters Essences to support the energy work and transformational process between classes. Essence sets will be mailed or available for curb side pick up.

Remote attendance only



Fluidity, Receptivity & Transformation of the Mind – Completed Winter 2020

The wisdom and nature of the Yin, the divine feminine, is bestowing the most essential gifts for our personal and collective transformation.   Opening to these aspects and cultivating them through awareness, energy work, and practice is the key to successful evolution at this time.

In the upcoming In Transition Series course, we will look at the energetics of fluidity and receptivity, and the critical role these feminine aspects play in the rapid transformation possible in 2020.

2020 is the year of the mind.  We have the opportunity to take the next big evolutionary step of allowing our individual minds to be re-patterned to align with the One Mind.  Fluidity and receptivity are two of the most crucial qualities and skills required to unlock this transformative potential.  Once unlocked, the power of conscious co-creator magnifies and profound positive change becomes possible both in the inner life and in the outer world.

  • This is a 3 part course taking place over a 3 month period – February though April
  • The format is audio/video conference call
  • Each 2 1/2 hour meeting  has 2 sessions of energy work and a lecture. 
  • A companion set of 5 essences are provided to support the transformation over the 3 month period.

Power, Prophecy, and the Divine Feminine

***COMING FALL 2020***

The upheavals we are experiencing now were seen long ago by the indigenous Naguals of Mexico. These recently uncovered prophecies and practices provide a valuable lens for understanding the nature of the massive transition upon us. When we combine the indigenous understanding with the imperative to bring the Divine Feminine into the world, and the wealth of information being revealed through the Evolutionary Light Method we have the keys to navigate these wild times of change.  We can thrive amidst the chaos while  blazing a trail for many others.

Put simply for our overloaded  brains:

The Evolutionary Light Method

+ Indigenous Toltec Prophecy 

+ the Re-birth of the Feminine

= Powerful and Positive Evolutionary Change


The following questions and more will be answered and explored while we make critical upgrades to our new bio-energetic vessel.

  • What is power in a multi-dimensional reality? 
  • How do we consciously co-create during the transition times?
  • How do we access power when the destructive forces are seizing control? 
  • How do we tap into power during times of chaos and extremes?
  • What does it really mean to bring the feminine alive in the world? 
  • What is power to the Feminine?
  • How is our system changing to help us transcend limitation, survive the changes, and  fulfill our destiny?


We will be releasing the energy structures and patterning that bind our energy systems to limitation and suffering. For example – slavery, oppression of the feminine, and the patterns and emotions entwined within those energy structures.

We will be activating and building the new energy vessel spacious enough for the Divine Feminine and capable of integrating the new OS and the new multi-dimensional reality.

Participants will receive a special set of Light Water Essences for added support. 





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Power Through Partnership & The In Transition Series

Partnering with the Evolutionary Light to become the Conscious Co-creator

We are straddling a massive shift in the way life is organized and experienced on this great planet. The changes that are underway are deconstructing the ego based creations and structures, and
re-organizing the collective around simplicity, sustainability, and truth. The baby that is meant to emerge during this great birth is the Conscious Co-creator, the evolving human being that has shed most of the fear- based programming and is ready to work in dynamic partnership with the Evolutionary Light and the forces of creation.

The focus of the Power Through Partnership classes:

  • Understanding and Application of Creation Dynamics
  • Awakening and Integration of the Feminine
  • Expansion of Consciousness to Support a Multi-Dimensional Existence
  •  The Power of the Changing Heart Center
  • Developing Intuition and Intention
  • Understanding and awareness of Nature Intelligence and it’s role in supporting creation
  • The Universal Laws that govern conscious co-creation during the Transition Times
  • Problem Solving the Conscious Co-creator’s way


Next Power Through Partnership class-  Spring 2020






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