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What Is Evolutionary Lightwork?

Navigating the massive transition from the old 3D world to the new multi-dimensional reality is no easy feat. The process is ripe with both challenges and opportunities. Sheilagh recognized this early in her healing journey and created the Lightwork classes to support others committed to personal and planetary evolution.

EL-WORK or Evolutionary Lightwork, are monthly group energy classes where Sheilagh facilitates the attunement and activation of the new human bio-energetic vessel and operating system.  Each activation is like a software upgrade configuring the evolving energy system to run new, more powerful frequencies of Light. Once the higher frequencies of energy are available, an entirely new range of healing is possible. These classes create the conditions for enhanced healing and refinement.

Each class opens with guided visualization followed by a teaching segment where Sheilagh shares valuable information about the process and how it is impacting the body and mind. She teaches methods of enhancing our experience with the Light so that people develop more trust and seize the opportunities presented by this amazing process.

The second half of the class is turned over entirely to the energy work. The work is quiet but powerful. Deep relaxation is supported and encouraged allowing an enhanced connection to the energy activity. The more dropped into the energy, the more powerful the work.

The Evolutionary Lightwork classes provide a direct experience with the power and purpose of the Evolutionary Light. These classes have been offered monthly since 2008. They continue to evolve as the new energy and evolutionary process accelerates. No class is the same.

Participants of the classes report many positive changes:

  • Feeling stronger, more resilient, and able to handle the challenges in their personal life
  • Enhanced intuitive capacity and the ability to see the light impulses and grids
  • Feeling physically, mentally and spiritually aligned & wholly connected
  • More grounded and able to focus
  • Improved overall health and resolution of health challenges
  • A greater sense of purpose and connection to a greater collective process

All are welcome. Attendance can be in person or remote unless specified

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