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Welcome to the Light Waters Shop!

New times call for new solutions.

Recognizing early on the urgency of the unfolding evolutionary push, Sheilagh set out to find resources capable of addressing both the challenges and opportunities presented by rapidly changing times. 

The Light Waters are the product of that mission. Each blend is a synergistic combination of essences created to support a specific goal.  Whether it is healing and refinement or the development of latent abilities, there is a supportive Light Waters combination.  

Maybe you want more restful sleep- or less anxiety… 

Or maybe you are developing your intuition and mastering your dream states…

Or maybe you are looking for more support for your healing process…

Or maybe you just have a lot going on and just need help getting through the day.

Look though the collection and you will find the right blend. They are safe and user friendly problem solvers ready to deliver help when needed. 

Meet Sheilagh

What People Are Saying

“I am very grateful for the bridge the Co-creative Health essences facilitate with the healing impulse of Nature and I always travel with a large assortment. Beware of TSA though, and pack them in a ziplock bag!” – Lin D.

“Sheilagh’s essences have helped me work with grounded embodiment and the soothing of my heart in stressful times.” – Will S.

“I specifically rely upon the following Co-creative Health essences: Grounding to center myself, Clear Bodies when I have been in a dense toxic field and Rest Easy to help with my insomnia.” – Lin D.

“The Lightwork (EL-WORK) essences, Irish series and the combinations that Sheilagh offers through Co-creative Health are powerful allies that I use regularly to support the process of change and balance with the evolutionary flow”. ““ Lin D.

“The Co-creative Health essences have been a beautiful aid in my daily life these past few years, I take one on the go almost wherever I go.” – Will S.

“My friend got the Rest Easy essences, used them that same night and said she got the best night’s sleep she’s had in a long time.” – Elizabeth W.

“Sheilagh’s EL-OS method facilitates a clearing of that which obstructs our inherent being and provides a Co-creative dynamic for authentic growth to occur.” – Ken G.

“These are challenging times for this wondrous planet and the obstacles can certainly feel overwhelming. Sheilagh’s EL-OS method is a freshly inspired opportunity that supports the individual in transforming confusion into wisdom.” – Ken G.

“In advancing through the EL-OS level of classes, Sheilagh’s knowledge and skills as both a healer and mentor created an opportunity for me to become more aware and get to know my own conscious reality as a true participant in co-creation.” – Judy, High School Teacher

“Sheilagh was able to identify areas that have been stuck and holding me back. Even during the time between our sessions vast changes continued to happen; sometimes it was scary and/or painful but, I felt supported during the entire process and subsequently made great strides forward.” – Meg, Artist