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January 2, 2018

A New Year’s Invitation

It is no coincidence the #metoo movement burst onto the scene this past fall. As an intuitive who observes and works with evolutionary phenomena, I look for resonance between what is happening in the bio-energetic realm, the Inside World, and what is happening out on the collective stage, the Outside World.  As we approach a new year and, for many, angst is high, it is time to share some deeper context for the changes we are experiencing and the extraordinary and encouraging developments occurring behind the scenes, in the realm of energy. 
First a bit of background from the Inside World:
In accordance with the evolutionary push occurring on our planet, our bio-energetic systems are changing.  
Our old bio-energetic system that provided the organization and template for our nervous system, perceptual capacity, and consciousness is in the midst of undergoing a major upgrade.  By old bio-energetic system, I am referring to the 7 chakra system with minor chakras and various spin points around the body.  The bio-energetic system organizes and integrates the vitality of the body and governs the bandwidth of frequencies the body is capable of experiencing.   
Our old system is insufficient for this evolutionary push and so it is going through an upgrade.This upgrade is needed to integrate a new consciousness complete with a nervous system that is no longer confined by fear and control based survival mechanisms and the dynamics of the old world. This new bio-energetic system will make it possible for us to create a more conscious world based on power through connection and relationships, versus power over and control. This is our next big evolutionary leap.
Just as a computer needs a software upgrade to run improved programming, our bio-energetic systems require an upgrade. This upgrade is essential for us to be able to hold the higher frequencies and release the heaviness of the past held in our cells, tissues, and epigenetic layers.  The purge we are experiencing now is the result of these higher frequencies infiltrating the bio-energetic system and triggering the release of energy we cannot take with us on our evolutionary journey. The higher frequencies are activating and building the new bio-energy system by bringing new energy centers “online.” 
As we build, we release the old. 
Working directly with this process for over a decade, I have been gifted with a unique position to witness major changes in the Light’s activity.  The last half of 2017 ushered in an extraordinary development in the evolutionary realm.
Over the summer,  a new stronger wave of light in the blue spectrum began pushing for integration in the body.  Blue is always strong but there was something different about this wave.  When there are lightwaves pushing for assimilation, I typically support the transition between the head, neck, and heart. Once the light reaches the heart, a  coherence is achieved that allows integration throughout the body.  
I was supporting this process with this new wave of blue, yet when the wave reached the heart, something extraordinary occurred.  At the point of heart coherence, the etheric body began to fill with light and expand, similar to the way a balloon expands. Then filaments of gold and blue light began to dance and weave webs of energy all around the left side of the body.  As I witnessed this beautiful dance of Light, I was reminded of the stories of Grandmother Spider from Native American Cosmology. 
As the ancient stories go, Grandmother Spider spun the web that allowed life to emerge out of the darkness. Her weaving is a central part of all creation. Throughout time, the weaving of Grandmother Spider has provided vessels for manifestation, yet each individuation maintains its connection to the Divine through the larger web of life. It appears that during this evolutionary push, she is once again weaving us a new vessel. 
Throughout the summer and fall of 2017, I have witnessed this weaving pattern of light over and over again. In individual sessions and in groups, I see the same beautiful light weaving a new bio-energetic system for the left side of the body in men, women, and children.  I know in my heart the weaving will expand to the right, but for now there is work to do on the left.  
This new energetic field on the left is allowing a much higher frequency of light to enter the body.  This light infiltration feels really good, like something you have been waiting for all your life kind of good.  
The caveat is that anything out of alignment with the Light will have to be released. All over our body we store information in packets. The Light will go to those packets and open them up, like zipped files, and reveal the contents inside.  Typically what is in these packets is some experience of suffering or trauma. This experience can be personal and/or ancestral.  Our left side is loaded with the trauma to the feminine though suppression, abuse of power, sexual assault, and violence.  As the Light awakens those stored files, they can no longer be suppressed. The stories, the memories, and pain move to the surface of our consciousness and demand healing. 
Cue the metoo# movement and the seismic shifts in the Outside World.
In the fall of 2017, the code of silence broke around sexual violence and flagrant abuses of power. No longer could women stay silent. As one story after another made the headlines, collectively we decided that level of abuse would no longer be tolerated.  This breakthrough, after generations of silence, disempowerment, and complicity is a direct result of the Light’s activity in the Inside World.  It is a movement born out of the evolutionary trajectory that is unfolding now.  
To witness simultaneously the outpouring of abuse stories and scandals, the changing social attitudes, the weaving of the new bio-energetic vessel, and the healing of recent and ancient trauma held in the body is profound. The Inside World and Outside World are working together to create something new, something better, even when it does not look so good.
As the Light continues its work of infiltration, exposure, and healing, we need to hold an ever enlarging space for the pain to surface so that it can be healed. The Light that pushes the pain to the surface is the same Light that will heal the pain— as long as we work with the process.  
This is how we move forward in 2018 and beyond. We allow the Light to weave a new path and then we move with it.  We intend the healing and then allow it so the path is clear and our choices in alignment with higher impulses.  In this way change tilts toward creation, and away from destruction.  As we work with the Light to create something new, all that breaks down is not destruction, but de-construction as a natural eventuality from aligning with a transpersonal co-creative process, our evolution. 
I invite people to share in a vision for the new year.  
In this vision, an ever-expanding circle of people hold a great space of awareness, compassion, and purpose.  This great circle encompasses many circles, connecting us all in a sphere of consciousness capable of transforming the pain that is yet to surface.  The sphere is strong enough to hold truth, heal the past, and contain the looming darkness.  Each of us are points of light, sometimes solitary but never alone.  This sphere of Light becomes the bridge of sacred geometry between the Inside World and the Outside World, and both individually and collectively we are fed, strengthened and informed.
When the Outside World looks ugly and overwhelming, remember there is continual weaving in the Inside World.  The disruptions and upheavals we are seeing are not happening in a vacuum.  The Light is getting stronger and pulsing with purpose. Mystical forces of creation are at work in the background conspiring for our success. It is our time to align with this extraordinary phenomena to create the world in our hearts. 
May 2018 pulse with Evolutionary Light and purpose. May you feel connected to all the forces of creation working in alignment for successful planetary evolution. Wherever you are, may you feel connected to an inspired human family of Lightworkers.
Happy New Year!