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September 13, 2018

The Pivot to Fall: Fear, the Unknown, and Creating Stronger Support Systems

Fall is coming. The moment of the Equinox will take place at 9:54pm on Saturday September 22nd, est.
By Friday morning, we should be feeling the influx of new information and light as the Equinox doorway opens.  The Fall Equinox is a special cosmic and planetary event when new impulses are released that will program and shape the year ahead. That is why the Equinox is considered Nature’s New Year.

At the Evolutionary Lightwork Class, we will gather to receive the new impulses for our personal and planetary evolution and integrate the newest currents of evolutionary light.  We will activate the new energy system and open the portals of connection that allow us to discern clear guidance about our unfolding path.

The pivot to fall unearths fear, especially fear of he unknown. There are usually several triggers that rear up in the fall, providing an opportunity to let go of old fear and re-calibrate our relationship to our support systems.

In class, we will address the fear directly by partnering with the Light to release it and anything else in the way of our evolution and healing process.

Space is limited for in person attendance.
Please register or send an email confirming your intention to attend.Payment can be taken at the event if people prefer to pay by check.

I wish you a wonderful fall and all the power and light available during these times of rapid change!