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Support for the Changing Bio-energetic Operating System

The Evolutionary Lightwork Essence Set is a user friendly balancing system that contains 50 essence combinations and a manual, co-created to give you the tools to work directly with the Evolutionary Light.

As we move through this evolutionary push, our energy systems are receiving continual impulses to upgrade our bio-energetic operating system. It can be uncomfortable and difficult to go through this evolutionary push without help.

Light infiltration and integration pose challenges that this essence healing system addresses directly and gently.

Sheilagh co-created the Evolutionary Lightwork Essence Set to give people a way to be more self-reliant and resourceful during these rapidly changing times. These essences can be integrated into any healing practice to achieve direct engagement with the light and the evolutionary process.

This healing system is very user friendly. With the help of the manual and practice, you will be able to:

  • Balance your energy system in a 20-30 minute time period
  • Understand what’s happening in your system and how best to support it
  • Utilize the essence system to help friends, family and those close to you
  • Incorporate the method into your healthcare practice
  • Make up a dosage bottle to provide ongoing support after each session