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Raise the Space

A blend of high-grade essential oils, _ower essences, and gem essences that raise the vibration in a room. Connects us to the high chakra system and creates the space for access to higher consciousness. Great for yoga studios, treatment rooms, art studios, and meditation practice.

Contents – Essential oils of Holy Basil and White Spruce. Gem Essences of Terraluminite, Cactus Amethyst, Diamond, and Azeztulite. Flower Essence of Sunflower.

4-ounce solution

A potent and pleasing blend of essential oils, flower and gem essences to clear, refresh, and enhancing the atmosphere in the room.

  • Essential oils of holy basil and white spruce
  • Flower essences of sunflower
  • Gem essence of cactus amethyst, pearl, and azeztulite
Spray liberally throughout a room or space.

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