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July 18, 2019

Weaving Community & Connection

Thank you everyone that participated in the Full Moon flower essence ceremony. The image included is the little scotch moss flower that inspired the event and helped us awaken our hearts and activate the web of light and light workers.

The essences of the moss and the special moss agate have been combined to create the first combination in the New Earth Series,  called Weaving Community & Connection. It available in the combination section of the website, but soon it will have its own place in the new  set. I am excited to create this new collection. It will be a new essence adventure.

There is so much to say about the light infiltration and the challenges and opportunities available with each phase. I am having a hard time lately sitting down to write. I am preferring a less formal way of communicating. It takes less time and I can get more info to you. So look for new updates coming in audio and video format.  I’ll be sending one out soon on the Soul level work happening these days. It is really important info for people to have so they can optimize their evolution process via energy work, healing, and self care.

There is an Evolutionary Lightwork class Saturday -remote only to avoid the heavy seacoast traffic this time of year. I will be sharing info about the Soul and the work in and around the head and sacrum.

Take care of yourselves and practice compassion. In 2019 and beyond, compassion is a valuable survival skill.