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 Optimal health is created through a conscious relationship with
our bodies, Nature Intelligence and the Evolutionary Light.

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What are Essences?

Essences are the electrical pattern of flowers, plants, minerals and elemental energies stabilized in water. Each electrical pattern carries a healing signature that provides information to the bio-energetic system allowing for positive change.

The Light Waters™ are the result of a long term partnership with Nature Intelligence. Sheilagh began incorporating essences into the healing work early in her practice. Convinced of their potency and ability to help people, she began making her own line of essences in 2006. Through guidance while working with Nature and the Evolutionary Light, Sheilagh was able to identify the essences that carried a unique signature that would assist with the process of Conscious Evolution and the challenges posed by planetary changes. She drew on skills developed as a Chinese herbalist to create potent combinations of essences that work synergistically to support a specific goal or healing momentum.

Those blends became the Light Waters.