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December 15, 2019

So Much Darkness, So Much Light

This time of year, the period between the late autumn and the Winter Solstice, we enter a period of suspension where the unknown dominates the the inner and outer landscape. The deep dive the Light has taken unearths fear and the unfinished business in the unconscious.

This is the season of waiting and receiving. Despite the night growing longer and the deterioration in the outer world,  the Evolutionary Light has neither receeded nor slowed.  It has heightened in frequency and moved into the depths to do the quiet work of re-patterning, healing, and awaiting.

It is our job now to receive, to rest, and incubate the plan.  When we do this we are most prepared for the time when the Light requires action and implementation.

It is the greatest purpose of the human being to receive and focus the Light through the heart into reality.

A new year of transformation inside and out is coming. Let’s be ready.

At the Solstice class, we will clean house. The heaviness, sorrow, fear, and terror are stirred up and ready to go. Pulling those threads of intense emotion leads us right into the old operating system just waiting to be dismantled. And just behind that is the light patterning and organization for the new reality seeking integration and activation.

We will purge. We will receive. We will be re-charged by the Light and prepared for our next phase in this evolutionary process.

I hope you can join in the class. If I do not see you have  a wonderful holiday season and very special Winter Solstice

Both in person and remote attendance are open.

Space is limited for in person.