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March 13, 2018

Spring Is Coming!

And not a moment too soon.
We could benefit from a boost after these past few months of activity.

Since late December, we have been working on integrating a very high frequency of light. It is so high and so strong that many have been able to hear it at times of peak activity.  The hard work of integrating this light has produced a number of symptoms and experiences.  When we are in step with this light, we can feel inspired and full of creative energy.  Yet when we are busy with the integration, the disequilibrium can be unpleasant and sometimes alarming.  Fatigue, depression, joylessness, and corresponding physical detox symptoms have been a challenging part of the Light’s activity. The good news here is that it has all been for something really good.
Collectively we have been at work transforming a very menacing miasma of energy that has been dredged up by the high frequency light and subsequent planetary changes.  There is nothing new about this ugliness other that it has been “up” and in our face demanding attention. I am sure everyone can look out at the world and witness some expression of the unchaining of this ugliness. Each of us has had to carry a piece of it and to do the work of transformation.  Most have been unaware that they are doing this important work, but they will tell you of the horrible nightmares and spells of anger, fear and anxiety they have endured.  All of this has been part of this process.   Soon we will feel that we have accomplished the transformation of a large chunk of the mess.

Once we move through the Equinox and into the more active phase of the Cosmic cycle, we will feel a lightening of the energy.   This year the lightening will come with a burst of vitality and power that will seek the channels for meaningful action. We are not done with the purge and there is more of this miasmic filth to tackle, but soon we will feel the progress we have made and the power available to those who can move it out into the world.
It is an exciting time with competing timelines and no guarantees.  We have taken the wind out of the sails of some of the really horrible possibilities but we have more to do to keep  ourselves on a track for true positive outcomes. This will require both personal work and team work. The more we can work with the Light and put it into play the better off we are all going to be. This will be the task of the remainder of 2018.


At this year’s Spring Equinox class, we will welcome in the shift and receive the newest currents of Evolutionary Light.  Sheilagh will faciliate the merger and share how it will support your health and wellbeing in the months and years to come.


To get us primed for the change, the Universe delivered a powerful punch of Cosmic light this week called an Equinox crack.  More info about the phenomena can be found at

Happy Spring!