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June 13, 2019

Standing in the Gap

The next Evolutionary Lightwork class  is coming up on the eve of the Solstice,  Thursday June 20th,   The actual moment of the summer solstice is 11:54 am eastern time on Friday the 21st.

We will gather in person and remotely with people around the country to align with the Solstice and integrate new patterns and packages of incoming Light.  We can expect significant dragon energy due to the Solstice.   The Light and the dragon energy will help us make the necessary upgrades to our new bio-energetic systems. We are working on integrating and running a very high frequency, high density Light that will give our evolutionary process a big push ahead.

There can be many symptoms and sensations resulting from this integration phase. In my private practice I am seeing major changes in the base of the  system and then corresponding challenges to the head and brain.  We are transitioning from a fixed 3D reality to a fluid multidimensional reality and our
energy systems are making the changes to allow this shift.  Our base is the most dense and fixed energy center of the body.  It’s purpose has been to slow down and anchor energy so that we could experience dense form and all it’s limitations.  We are now upgrading the base so we can survive and succeed in  a multidimensional reality. This new operating system will be so much fun to play with – once we get the old junk cleared and transition out of the fear based 3D reality.  All those on the evolutionary path are standing in that gap now with one foot in the old system and one foot in the new system.

Many of the sensations, symptoms, and strange experiences are the result of standing in that gap.   I hear several times a day how tired people are feeling. This process requires A LOT of energy, so yes the fatigue is real but it does not indicate illness. I am a huge fan of siestas because they help your body catch up to the daily energy shifts and allow some midday rest. Even if you only have 20 minutes, set your alarm, put everything down, and shut your eyes.  When we shut our eyes we disengage from the 3D world and our systems go to work to integrate the higher energy. Once energetic coherence is reestablished  you will feel refreshed and energized for the remainder of the day.

If your legs have felt strange- heavy, weak, or achy it is due the adjustments to the base.  The sacrum is the triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine.
I am seeing a lot of unstable sacrums due to the challenges of integrating new currents of light and a changing base.  It’s like rudder working to balance all the incoming information. When it gets overloaded it will jam, causing aches in the low back, hips, and/or  knees.  On those days when your legs or back feels weak or achey, be extra kind to your body. It is not the day for heavy lifting. Some time or a visit to a bodyworker will help your sacrum open up and find a better state of balance.

The eyes and visual system are another area of the body going through significant change.  Many are experiencing a wide range of eye related symptoms that are coming and going – weak vision, blurred vision, film across the eyes, aches in the eye balls, lots of fluttering, tearing, and even the need to cry and shed tears.  As our visual fields open up to a larger reality people are seeing Light patterns, energy fields, and spirits.  The “settings” in our perception are being changed to match the changes in the base, and our eyes are showing indications of that change.

During times like it is really important to be gentle with ourselves and others. Adjust expectations of yourself and others and prioritize the health of your body and mind.  We are going through really big changes during very intense times. Compassion is a survival skill.

Nurture yourself with some outside time.
There is so much restorative beauty in Nature.

Happy Summer!



Image credit: NASA/Hubble