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November 7, 2017

Take It Easy

I hope everyone is holding up well under these new waves of cosmic energy and Evolutionary Light. Most people are reporting feeling very tired-deeply tired, and needing to take naps or go to bed early. This is normal these days. It takes an extraordinary amount of energy to integrate and hold all the levels of energy together in the body. It is very draining to the electrical energy that is needed to hold the whole new system together. This drag on the electrical energy can cause us to feel weak or tired. Because the heart and brain are both major electrical organs, the drag of energy on those organs can create lots of experiences and body symptoms:

  • – feeling very tired
  • – feeling vulnerable
  • – feeling impatient
  • – brain drain
  • – overwhelm
  • – brain fog
  • – unable to take in new information
  • – heart palpitations
  • – shortness of breath
  • – less stamina
  • – weepy
  • – like you are always fighting off something
  • – fear

And if you have heard any of my spiels about the Lower Pillar, you know that all manner of symptoms in the feet, legs, hips, (including weird tailbone pain) are in play as the Earth moves the Cosmic Energy through the base our energy systems.

Of course any health condition you already have cooking can worsen under these conditions so please take good care of yourselves. Visit your healthcare providers- hopefully bright energy saavy spiritual people- and make sure all your systems are OK. We need each and every Lightworker holding the Light while we muddle through this intense purge. Remember we are in a massive transition and you are an important member of the team.

The EL-WORK is next Thursday night.
I hope you can join in.
Both Remote and In-Person attendance are available.