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Client Stories

“I have been studying with Sheilagh since the Fall of 2013 and in 2016 entered my 2nd year of Practitioner Training in the EL-OS method. I have applied everything I’ve learned: EL-OS principles, Co-creative partnering, usage of Cocreative Health Essences etc. and my practice has been completely transformed. Clients have reported both deep change and healing and I am now able to work with them at a level I hadn’t been able to reach before.”

– Cecile C., Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

“These are challenging times for this wondrous planet and the obstacles can certainly feel overwhelming. EL-OS: PPL is a freshly inspired opportunity that supports the individual in transforming confusion into wisdom.”

– Ken G.

“I could physically feel the energy moving in my body with long term blocks starting to disperse.” -Christina

“I have learned that the more we participate in the work and partner with the energy the more we open ourselves to the subtleties of change and the opportunities for individual growth.” – Fran

“Sheilagh’s healing method works with people on many levels at the same time; physical + ancestral + karmic and I have found it to be extremely supportive.” – Lisa L.

“I am truly grateful for Sheilagh’s intuitive gifts and guidance which have helped me to open my heart and mind to the divinely inspired possibilities of conscious co-creation.” – Judy, High School Teacher

“I was feeling stuck and had tried many ways of bringing change into my life but nothing seemed to work on a more lasting basis and I truly felt like I was spinning my wheels and not gaining traction. I didn’t want someone to fix me- I wanted to fix myself and have tools to adjust as I needed” – Evie

“I use what I have learned in EL-OS: PPL and EL-PTP for daily practice, for the Spiritual hygiene of my family and friends, and in the work I do with my own clients as a coach.” – Shea A.

“Sheilagh’s classes provide the tools I need to come into balance.” – Janaki

“Sheilagh’s class has fine tuned my inner voice.” – Sarah, Massage Therapist

“Sheilagh’s classes are here for us all to take advantage of and hold the opportunity for growth and energetic stabilization in our bodies and our land.” – Fran

“This method has provided me with insight into how my internationally adopted daughter’s ancestral lineage and birth parents have contributed to her current health issues. As a parent I am so grateful for this information and opportunity to support my daughter’s health and wellbeing.” – Lisa L.