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Client Stories

“Sheilagh has amazing talent and wisdom that is so pure, profound and precise it is clear she is deeply connected to a much higher consciousness in the Universe.”

– Meg, Artist

“I am pleased to report that my garden is thriving, birds we rarely saw now frequent the property, my kids (all of whom were going through some life crisis or life adjustment) ask to come and spend time because they “˜just felt relaxed” when they are here, and a well attended family reunion was held without glitches/upsets/or family turmoil of any kind.” – Fran

“When fear arises I can now address it at its core. I recently watched as a feared outcome disappeared; the support I received instead was overwhelming.” – Janaki.

“Sheilagh’s classes are here for us all to take advantage of and hold the opportunity for growth and energetic stabilization in our bodies and our land.”

– Fran

“I was drawn to EL-OS: EARTH work as a way to expand my interior design scope and offer a more holistic service that could bring greater harmony and joy to a client’s environment.” – Margo, Interior Designer

“Having already taken several EL-OS: PPL classes, I took an EL-OS: EARTH class so I could become more engaged in maintaining an optimal energetic vibration level that would benefit the land, house and wellbeing of my family” – Fran

“Sheilagh was able to identify areas that have been stuck and holding me back. Even during the time between our sessions vast changes continued to happen; sometimes it was scary and/or painful but, I felt supported during the entire process and subsequently made great strides forward.” – Meg, Artist

“I use what I have learned in EL-OS:PPL and EL-PTP for daily practice, for the Spiritual hygiene of my family and friends, and in the work I do with my own clients as a coach.” – Shea A.

“The takeaways that resonated with me was the emphasis placed on gratitude + allowing as being part of the co- creation process and that co-creating is done WITH nature as Nature is the source of all manifestation.” – Joanna

“This class introduced me to valuable resources that are available and willing to partner with me to manifest my best life.” – Margo

“The clearings in this class are especially powerful and quite physical, even for someone like myself who was already familiar with energy work!” – Joanna

“I was feeling stuck and had tried many ways of bringing change into my life but nothing seemed to work on a more
lasting basis and I truly felt like I was spinning my wheels and not gaining traction. I didn’t want someone to fix me- I wanted to fix myself and have tools to adjust as I needed” – Evie

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