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Client Stories

“Sheilagh’s class has fine tuned my inner voice and my intuition is something I can fully trust now.” – Sarah, Massage Therapist

“Sheilagh’s guidance in class was both grounding and expansive simultaneously. Learning how to truly be a conscious and effective participant in a Co-creative universe I continue to practice with deep gratitude and wonder.” – Lin D.

“I was able to clear out and release current and ancestral energetic patterns that no longer served me and have been able to move forward in a more expanded state.” – Meg M, Artist

“I am truly grateful for Sheilagh’s intuitive gifts and guidance which have helped me to open my heart and mind to the divinely inspired possibilities of conscious co-creation.” – Judy, High School Teacher

“The class is an exercise in getting to know yourself on the deepest level and working through all of the things that come up (physically, mentally, emotionally) when energy shifts into a co-creation process. In the end you are left with an awareness that changes your life in a humbling and exciting way all at once.” – Sarah, Massage Therapist

“Many of the blocks I was experiencing in spirit and emotion were lifted or continue to lift as I do this work on my own.” – Evie

“I have found Sheilagh’s EL-WORK sessions to be both uplifting and grounding.” – Ken G.

“EL-WORK always affects my emotional state in that I am left feeling invigorated. It’s hard to describe except to say that it was like I was firing on all pistons.” – Evie

“EL-WORK sessions always uplift me and energetically tune me up!”

– Janaki

“I do not have any prior experience in energy work and can only express how much this work needs to be experienced.” – Fran

“I could physically feel the energy moving in my body with long term blocks starting to disperse. By the end of the session I felt much lighter and had regained flexibility both physically and emotionally.” – Christina

“I always felt lighter and clearer after an EL-WORK session. Sometimes it took a while but there was always clearing in my spirit and I felt renewed and regenerated.” – Evie

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