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Client Stories

“I love EL-WORK! Sometimes I am left feeling welcomed, supported and grounded in my body and on this planet and other times I am inspired by previously unacknowledged possibilities inherent in our common humanity!” – Janaki

“When Sheilagh had us visualize negative energy leaving our bodies I could actually feel something exiting from my abdomen. Much to my pleasant surprise my IBS (which I had suffered from for years) is now gone; I haven’t had any symptoms in over a year and my diet is no longer restricted.” – Mary

“I use what I have learned in EL-OS: PPL and EL-PTP for daily practice, for the Spiritual hygiene of my family and friends, and in the work I do with my own clients as a coach.”

– Shea A.

“Sheilagh’s classes are here for us all to take advantage of and hold the opportunity for growth and energetic stabilization in our bodies and our land.” – Fran

“Sheilagh’s classes provide the tools I need to come into balance.” – Janaki

“Sheilagh’s class has fine tuned my inner voice.” – Sarah, Massage Therapist

“Sheilagh has amazing talent and wisdom that is so pure, profound and precise it is clear she is deeply connected to a much higher consciousness in the Universe.”

– Meg, Artist

“In advancing through the EL-OS level of classes, Sheilagh’s knowledge and skills as both a healer and mentor created an opportunity for me to become more aware and get to know my own conscious reality as a true participant in co-creation.” – Judy, High School Teacher

“Sheilagh’s wisdom, compassion and dedication to the human journey is unwavering and learning from her over the past seven years has been beyond rewarding and life generating.” – Gayle C., CFP Certified Master Integral Coach

“Sheilagh is kind, patient and extremely competent. She is a true mentor and a great teacher.” – Cecile C., Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

“Sheilagh is a quiet warrior of the light, offering real skills and tools to anyone willing to learn and apply to self healing and/or to the care of those around them.” – Shea A.

“Sheilagh’s guidance in class was both grounding and expansive simultaneously. Learning how to truly be a conscious and effective participant in a Co-creative universe. I continue to practice with deep gratitude and wonder.” – Lin D.

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