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Client Stories

“I do not have any prior experience in energy work and can only express how much this work needs to be experienced.” – Fran

“As a teacher, Sheilagh embodies her work and her method of delivery is authentic and true.” – Gayle C., CFP Certified Master Integral Coach

“I have been taking classes with Sheilagh since 2013. Her teaching style, wealth of practical information and wonderful sense of humor have made this learning experience truly unique.” – Cecile C., Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

“Sheilagh was able to identify areas that have been stuck and holding me back. Even during the time between our sessions vast changes continued to happen; sometimes it was scary and/or painful but, I felt supported during the entire process and subsequently made great strides forward.” – Meg, Artist

“Sheilagh is the real deal. Her patient, steady hand, unique gifts and keen discernment helped me heal from profound trauma- physically, emotionally, and spiritually- and to come home to even more of myself.” – Meg G.

“Sheilagh is an amazingly gifted healer. She is highly intuitive, creative and skillful in her work and I have been through a most transformational process in her care.” – Mary Jo, Occupational Therapist

“Sheilagh combines skill with clear intent for a powerful healing experience”.- Toni

“I felt I had been in a difficult place for some time and working with Sheilagh helped me lift off the heaviness with grace and gentleness.” – Rosemary C., Massage Therapist

“I could physically feel the energy moving in my body with long term blocks starting to disperse. By the end of the session I felt much lighter and had regained flexibility both physically and emotionally.” – Christina

“Working with Sheilagh provided me with insight into how my internationally adopted daughter’s ancestral lineage and birth parents have contributed to her current health issues. As a parent I am so grateful for this information and opportunity to support my daughter’s health and wellbeing.” – Lisa L.

“Sheilagh possesses all the qualities I seek in a healer. She is science-based and grounded, and despite being über- talented and effective, she leads with a gentle humility and grace.” – Meg G.

“I fully recommend Sheilagh and her work to whomever wants to become aware of core issues keeping them from their Highest Good and preventing them from creating the life they envision!” – Joyce C.

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