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Client Stories

“Sheilagh is the rare exception of a teacher + practitioner + generous spirit.” – Gayle C., CFP Certified Master Integral Coach

“Sheilagh’s undeniable gift as a conscious co-creator has influenced and healed my life more than any other therapeutic modality or practitioner. I simply cannot imagine my life without the services of Co-creative Health over the last fifteen years.” – Tarnya F., NH LCMHC, NH MLADC

“Sheilagh is the real deal. Her patient, steady hand, unique gifts and keen discernment helped me heal from profound trauma- physically, emotionally, and spiritually- and to come home to even more of myself.” – Meg G.

“Sheilagh is an amazingly gifted healer. She is highly intuitive, creative and skillful in her work and I have been through a most transformational process in her care.” – Mary Jo, Occupational Therapist

“Sheilagh’s LIGHTWORK sessions are amazing. During my first LIGHTWORK experience I could actually feel something exiting from my abdomen. My IBS is now gone. I haven’t had any IBS symptoms in over a year and my diet is no longer restricted.”

– Mary, Rowley, MA

“Sheilagh’s class has fine tuned my inner voice. Before the class I thought my intentions in life were clear, now there is a clarity that attracts exactly what I intend to manifest. My intuition is something I can fully trust now.”

– Sarah, Massage Therapist

“Sheilagh Durkin’s work is healing, energizing, and life-altering. I am so grateful for the changes in my life and spiritual process that are emerging as a result of working with Sheilagh.”

– Linda Artist

“We know that we have lived in the good times and are now in the Great Times. These are the times of the unexpected, the unlooked for, the seismic shift in almost all arenas of our human experience.”

– Jean Houston

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