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August 2, 2018

The August Acceleration

We are well into the August acceleration and people are feeling it.  If you have had painful ankles or feet , eye burning or pain, strange head aches, or body aches that come and go, this is due to the higher energy both releasing the old garbage and activating the new vessel.

Not everybody is experiencing this but because many are, it is worth mentioning. If your family/ancestors have lived through significant trauma, you could have very intense feelings of terror and existential dread and doom that arise sometimes out of the blue  OR are triggered by events in your life. The news in the media can trigger this kind of intensity these days.

This is frightening but it is all part of the process.

The living past held in the DNA is purging and many of us have significant horrors of the human experience stored in the DNA that have to be released. If this is happening, remember that this is part of the evolutionary experience and it means you are advancing- which is really important. Reach out for help from a good energy worker or join a Lightwork class if this is happening, The Light that comes in during the classes is working hard to release this horrible old energy.

Even though our experience is dominated by the purge, there are really exciting developments happening in our new energy system. I will share more about it in class.

Enjoy the month of August!