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February 11, 2018

the Dön Season

We have just come through a a wild week or so of intense energy activity. I was noticing the intensity in private sessions, personally, and out in the world in general, and then I was reminded by Guidance that we are in the Dön Season. This is a 2 week period that occurs each year before the Tibetan and Chinese New Year.  This is considered the season of obstacles when karmic energy ripens, accidents happen, and there is an increased prevalence of menacing energy.

 In a Shambala Times article from 2017, Russell Rogers describes the season as  “a time of obstacles is known as the “dön season.” Döns are negative forces that arise out of the environment, causing humans to do things that are self-destructive and mindless. This could take the form of sudden fits of anger or madness, or making bad decisions that will lead to misfortune. Döns produce sudden, unexpected neurotic upheavals.  Car problems, colds or flu could be considered döns. On a personal level, the best protection against döns is increasing one’s mindfulness. Therefore, this season is an especially good time for meditation practice.” 

We have 4-5 more days to go before the Don Season is over and we move into the positive and creative energy of the new year.  It just so happens the Lightwork is happening just as we move into the energy of the new year, the Year of the dog.  For more info on the Year of the Yang Earth Dog, visit the Co-creative Health Facebook page to see Lillian Pearl Bridges forecast for the year.

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In the meantime, lay low if you can and maintain your mindfulness as we we head into the last few days of this challenging period.