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March 22, 2020

The Energetic View of the Pandemic

Happy Spring!

The Equinox influx has been power packed and full of gold and white Evolutionary Light. Listen to the excerpt from the Spring class on Friday to hear about the new activity as well as the energetic view of the pandemic.

In talking about this pandemic or any transition times phenomena, I may sound detached in order to convey the information.  The detached tone is not a reflection of apathy or ignorance. I am aware of the impact this is having and will have on people. This is a very sad and frightening situation. I am presenting context and information that I believe is helpful and hopeful.  Remember- when we work with the Light and become active participants in our evolutionary process we have the strongest energy available for creating health and dynamic stability. Despite the challenges, we can allow this crisis to make us into even better people and a better society.


Below is info on a new class coming up Friday. It is FREE-ish. All you have to do is donate a minimum of $5 to Jose Andre’s World Central Kitchen.   Access the REGISTRATION page here.

New Class Announcement


Pandemic Info from the Spring Class – excerpt