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October 24, 2018

The Shadow of Genocide

As always these days, there is a lot going on in the realm of the Evolutionary Light. As the Light continues to intensify and dive deeper into the physical body and the physical Earth, there is significant challenging energy dredged up to surface   In many cases the surfacing energy starts to cause problems and requires our assistance to transform.

What has been emerging on a massive scale in the U.S. since late summer (after the August push) is the energy left behind by the genocide of the Native American people.

It is really important that people who have any skills in land healing tap in and do what is necessary to transform the energy of the 3D bound spirits, Native American suffering, and the energy of the massacres.  It is coming up through people and the land, and sitting like a heavy blanket with the affect of disrupting the respiration between the higher levels and the Earth/ the body. In people it is causing mild to severe mental/emotional strain,  nightmares, and perceptual disturbances.

Even when there is no Native American heritage in the DNA, people are presenting with this and needing help moving it out of the bio-energetic system. When it is released, things look a lot brighter and the misery is gone, like a cloud that has passed.

Several years ago, there was a lot of land healing to do with regard to the brutal Native American history.  This is different. It is being transformed at a much higher level.  I will elaborate more on this in class but essentially the Native American spirits are agitated and determined to not get stuck in the old 3D reality.

So it is up to us to help now, and on some level make things right. I am partial to the energy work I teach but things are happening so fast that I encourage people to use whatever land healing skills they know to participate in this clean up. The shadow of genocide has the power to derail our evolutionary process and that is unnecessary.  We have the ability to heal this but we must engage.

Thursday’s class will be remote attendance only.  We will work with the new energy spectrum that emerged at the Fall Equinox and see what needs to happen to keep us in step with this major process underway.  We will also talk about what is happening in the brain and why so many have had dizzy spells this past month.