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The Wave Report

Transformational Asthenia


A new Wave Report is ready for listening. This episode is all about the fatigue people are experiencing due to the evolutionary process. I am calling it transformational asthenia because simple fatigue doesn’t really cover it.


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Hope & Resources for COVID-19


Hello! I am sending virtual hugs to all during these turbulent times.

It has been a busy few months. In March I converted my healing practice to remote energy work and telemedicine. This new format has been going well and giving me an opportunity to go deeper into the energy realm with clients. The Evolutionary Light Method is a healing system I developed for working directly with the Light … Read More

The Energetic View of the Pandemic

Happy Spring!

The Equinox influx has been power packed and full of gold and white Evolutionary Light. Listen to the excerpt from the Spring class on Friday to hear about the new activity as well as the energetic view of the pandemic.

In talking about this pandemic or any transition times phenomena, I may sound detached in order to convey the information.  The detached tone is not a reflection of apathy or ignorance. I am aware of the impact this is having and will have on people. This is a very sad and frightening situation. I am presenting context and … Read More

The Year of the Mind

Enjoy the first Wave Report of the year!

I forgot to mention in the report that there is a new Light wave working with us since the Solstice. It is similar to the blue in the image. It is coming in as grids for land as well as in “liquid” form for working the new energy system.





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So Much Darkness, So Much Light

This time of year, the period between the late autumn and the Winter Solstice, we enter a period of suspension where the unknown dominates the the inner and outer landscape. The deep dive the Light has taken unearths fear and the unfinished business in the unconscious.

This is the season of waiting and receiving. Despite the night growing longer and the deterioration in the outer world,  the Evolutionary Light has neither receeded nor slowed.  It has heightened in frequency and moved into the depths to do the quiet work of re-patterning, healing, and awaiting.

It is our job now to … Read More

Expansion & Multi-Sensory Memories

Happy almost Equinox!

In the new Wave Report, I discuss some lighter phenomena occurring as we pivot from Late Summer to Fall, Earth to Metal,  amidst the major expansion underway.

If you can’t make it to the Equinox Class, in the recording I share ideas of how to honor the Equinox and experience the shifts in the cosmic creation cycle.





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Disturbing Experiences

This is a follow up to the previous Wave Report where I referenced the disturbing experiences people are reporting. This Wave Report is meant to provide reassuring context for people and tips for weathering these types of challenges.



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Ether & Expansion

Happy September!

In the latest Wave Report, Sheilagh talks about:

  • the August Acceleration and the Double Master Shift
  • Anxiety due to Energy Issues
  • Ether and the need to expand
  • the Fall Equinox Lightwork and the new In Transition Series

Feel free to email with questions and concerns. Responses will be recorded into a Wave Report.








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Soul Healing & Unification

Hello and Happy Super New Moon!

The Wave Report is coming to you via recording.
In this 15 minute talk, Sheilagh presents what is new and exciting at the Soul level and some advice for navigating the current challenges in the evolutionary process.




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Weaving Community & Connection

Thank you everyone that participated in the Full Moon flower essence ceremony. The image included is the little scotch moss flower that inspired the event and helped us awaken our hearts and activate the web of light and light workers.

The essences of the moss and the special moss agate have been combined to create the first combination in the New Earth Series,  called Weaving Community & Connection. It available in the combination section of the website, but soon it will have its own place in the new  set. I am excited to create this new collection. It will be … Read More