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The Wave Report

The Pivot to Fall: Fear, the Unknown, and Creating Stronger Support Systems

Fall is coming. The moment of the Equinox will take place at 9:54pm on Saturday September 22nd, est.
By Friday morning, we should be feeling the influx of new information and light as the Equinox doorway opens.  The Fall Equinox is a special cosmic and planetary event when new impulses are released that will program and shape the year ahead. That is why the Equinox is considered Nature’s New Year.

At the Evolutionary Lightwork Class, we will gather to receive the new impulses for our personal and planetary evolution and integrate the newest currents of evolutionary light.  We will activate … Read More

The August Acceleration

We are well into the August acceleration and people are feeling it.  If you have had painful ankles or feet , eye burning or pain, strange head aches, or body aches that come and go, this is due to the higher energy both releasing the old garbage and activating the new vessel.

Not everybody is experiencing this but because many are, it is worth mentioning. If your family/ancestors have lived through significant trauma, you could have very intense feelings of terror and existential dread and doom that arise sometimes out of the blue  OR are triggered by events in your … Read More

Dropping Into The Energy

The Summer Solstice is June 21st at 6:07am EDT.  The Evolutionary Lightwork class will take place that evening.  We will celebrate and welcome in the newest currents of Light while we align with this phase of the Cosmic creation cycle.  Bring 2 intentions- 1 for surrendering/healing and 1 for manifestation. We will harness the power of the group energy to turbo charge our co-creative process.

If you have been feeling really tired, you are right on track with what most people on the evolutionary path are experiencing. This kind of tired will come on in spells and it corresponds directly … Read More

So Much Going On

It’s April one again and we are going into another acceleration. This has been the case in April for the past 8 years.

There is so much going on I could write a 10 page update, but because so much is happening I haven’t had the time to write it.
The most important things to remember are:

  • The evolutionary process is very physical at this point
  • There is a lot of work going on at night and it is common for people to wake up feeling really tired and not rested in the morning. Sleep disturbances are also very common
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Spring Is Coming!

And not a moment too soon.
We could benefit from a boost after these past few months of activity.

Since late December, we have been working on integrating a very high frequency of light. It is so high and so strong that many have been able to hear it at times of peak activity.  The hard work of integrating this light has produced a number of symptoms and experiences.  When we are in step with this light, we can feel inspired and full of creative energy.  Yet when we are busy with the integration, the disequilibrium can be unpleasant and … Read More

the Dön Season

We have just come through a a wild week or so of intense energy activity. I was noticing the intensity in private sessions, personally, and out in the world in general, and then I was reminded by Guidance that we are in the Dön Season. This is a 2 week period that occurs each year before the Tibetan and Chinese New Year.  This is considered the season of obstacles when karmic energy ripens, accidents happen, and there is an increased prevalence of menacing energy.

 In a Shambala Times article from 2017, Russell Rogers describes the season as  “a time … Read More

A New Year’s Invitation

It is no coincidence the #metoo movement burst onto the scene this past fall. As an intuitive who observes and works with evolutionary phenomena, I look for resonance between what is happening in the bio-energetic realm, the Inside World, and what is happening out on the collective stage, the Outside World.  As we approach a new year and, for many, angst is high, it is time to share some deeper context for the changes we are experiencing and the extraordinary and encouraging developments occurring behind the scenes, in the realm of energy. 
First a bit of background from the Inside
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On the heels of the Solstice

The Winter Solstice is coming right up. On December 21st at 11:28 am EST we will enter a new phase in the Cosmic creation cycle.

As Nature, in harmony with the Evolutionary Light, provides the templates to fuse the Cosmic impulses into form, we as light beings in form are called to hold space, witness, and receive so that we can move in alignment with the bigger plan.

Join Sheilagh and the growing community of evolving Lightworkers at the Winter Solstice EL-Work class. We will align with our personal and planetary processes as we welcome in the Solstice and receive … Read More

Take It Easy

I hope everyone is holding up well under these new waves of cosmic energy and Evolutionary Light. Most people are reporting feeling very tired-deeply tired, and needing to take naps or go to bed early. This is normal these days. It takes an extraordinary amount of energy to integrate and hold all the levels of energy together in the body. It is very draining to the electrical energy that is needed to hold the whole new system together. This drag on the electrical energy can cause us to feel weak or tired. Because the heart and brain are both major … Read More

Keeping the Flow Going

Happy Fall Everyone! I hope you are enjoying the season. Based on what I am hearing and seeing in my practice, in communities, and in the world at large – people have A LOT going on.   When people are overwhelmed the stress response has the effect of disconnecting people from the Evolutionary Light. This energy is very much working the physical body and when the nervous system gets jammed, it looks like the Light gets pinched off, usually around the head and neck.  As a practitioner, my main job is to get that flow opened up again and the newest … Read More

Nature’s New Year & New Cosmic Impulses

The Autumn Equinox is right around the corner. The precise moment in the Eastern hemisphere is 4:02 pm on September 22nd. The Evolutionary Lightwork class will begin shortly after at 5:30pm so that we can participate in the potent window surrounding that shift into Fall.

It is a special time of year. The Fall Equinox is Nature’s new year when new cosmic impulses for the coming creation cycle are released into our dimension. It is a time for reflection, renewing, and committing. So much is happening all the time, all around us. It is a challenge to keep up with … Read More

Proprioception & Dis-orientation

Happy August! The evolutionary process is ramping up as expected. If you get out into Nature you will feel and possibly hear the sound of the incoming Light waves. The Evolutionary  Light is not just coming in from outside the Earth, it is also emerging from the Earth. Several years ago, the Earth began the process of stepping down the Cosmic Light and converting to a 4th Dimensional reality. The conversion is not complete but the planet is now functioning as a force capable of absorbing the Evolutionary Light  and then pushing it back out to the surface so that Read More