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The Wave Report

Washing Away the Past

August has been a pivotal month in the evolution process for several years and this month is right on track with the acceleration happening in the New Energy. With this acceleration comes many strange experiences. It is important to know that the new energy is high enough and strong enough to penetrate and transform the density of the 3rd dimension. This is good news and it exactly what is needed for the Earth’s evolution and our own evolution. The higher energy being able to penetrate the density is leveling the playing field with evil, and evil has had significant advantages … Read More

From 3D to 4D

The incoming energy is high, light, and incredibly powerful. The higher it is, the deeper it seems to go. Since January, we have been working very hard to integrate the 4th Dimension and establish it as our new base. The past few weeks, the push has been intense and anyone capable of holding the shift is being asked to stretch their capacity to allow for this phase of the evolution process.cSince this shift involves the physical level now, many are experiencing a wide range of physical symptoms of the changes. The most common experiences center around the nervous system- sleep … Read More

“It’s the Energy”

It seems like it has been a while since I have posted a more in-depth energy update. It’s not because it has been dull. On the contrary, the evolutionary energy picked up more steam mid January and it is working the physical body quite intensely. The good news is – the energy is high and strong enough to penetrate the dense 3D reality. The bad news is – we have to contend with the purging that follows the light integration. There is evidence of this purge everywhere you look. On a personal level this looks like illness, physical problems, and … Read More

Happy Winter Solstice

Thanks to all who came out during this busy holiday season to attend the Lightwork class last night. If the class is any indication of the Solstice and the new year then we can expect a really beautiful acceleration in our evolution process. We are being given so much assistance to get us where we need to be.

As I have been saying in classes for the past month, the cosmic energies are really working the heart system. By heart system, I mean the heart, the heart chakra, the high heart heart chakra, the heart electrical system, and the heart … Read More

Time to Work It

As I write this, we all are still digesting the horror in Paris last night. It is events like this that stop the crazy fast paced spin of modern living and make us realize the fragility and preciousness of life. In this window that opens briefly following a tragedy, the human heart opens to let higher consciousness move through us. In those moments, the Cosmic force that is Love which is there always despite how closed or numb we are to it, has an opening to enter and soften us making us receptive to Light. The outpouring of love in … Read More

Grounding the New Earth Energy

Since mid-July the Earth has been receiving major waves of Cosmic downloads that are being absorbed by the Earth and then causing a shift that requires integration for us. These Earth shifts need to be integrated through the channels in the base of the new energy system and absorbed through the feet, legs, and sacrum as the energy moves toward complete integration. These waves can cause some disruption as they jiggle up old fear based patterning that needs to be released. They also challenge old strains in our structures, which can cause pain anywhere but especially in the low back, … Read More

Dis-Equilibrium and the Electrical Brain

It’s August and once again we are experiencing the major acceleration that August has ushered in since the inception of this process 20 years ago. The last few weeks of July, the Earth was given an unprecedented Cosmic download that the Earth has integrated and is now releasing to the surface along the Earth’s energy channels. This process is affecting all of us – people, animals, plants, even the elementals.

From the energy perspective, our bodies are working hard to adjust to this new upload, especially through the base of the system. The channels of our bio-energetic systems that start … Read More

July’s Push

I know I promised an update about the brain, but it is more important to give people a head’s up about the intensity of the next 2 weeks on the energy front. The next few weeks we are going to experience some intense shifting to help the Earth ‘lighten her load’. Over the centuries and even millennia, the Earth has collected and stored the energy released by humans in the form of emotions, mental patterning, and war energy. Anytime we do a land healing project, there are 3 main components- releasing this old heavy energy, facilitating the new light patterning … Read More

Care for the Heart

I hope everyone had a wonderful Summer Solstice. We have had quite a week on the energy front with solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and a master shift occurring yesterday afternoon. Last weekend I led a retreat and was able to engage with the energy of the Solstice and the incredible phenomena that accompanied this year’s peak to the Cosmic creation cycle. It is important for people to understand that there is a tremendous amount of elemental activity working very hard to assist the planet’s evolution. This activity is overseen at this point by the Fire Elementals and they have now … Read More

New Patterning, New Challenges

As I move about my days, meeting with clients, running errands, talking with people I meet, I am noticing something very new happening in our society. It seems that most people “know” that something very big is going on. They don’t know what it is, but they say they don’t feel right, or “nothing is right”. People are on edge and they don’t know how to help themselves- and most don’t even have a context for understanding what is happening. They can point to any number of stresses in their life and blame it on that, but it’s not really … Read More

Receptivity, Consolidation, & Expansion

As the evolution energy continues to accelerate, we are witnessing at the Earthly level the breakdown of many old patterns and programming as well as the breakdown of systems and structures from the old way of being. This is happening on a personal as well as collective level. In contrast, at the higher levels where the evolution energy fuses with new patterning, there is tremendous building and activation of all that is new. These new configurations are working very hard to integrate within the physical realm in the body as well as the Earth. This is requiring from us a … Read More

Welcoming the Spring

On Friday March 20th we will welcome in the Spring and align with the energy of the Equinox. Once again we are lucky to have the moment of the Equinox occurring at a time when we can witness and experience the shift in class.

On the energy front, things are quite intense. Depending on where you are in the process, you could be having any number of experiences. These are all the result of the new cosmic energy working with the Earth and all her creatures to get us where we need to be. Most people do not feel or … Read More